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Bergen Record Promotes Trade Union Socialism for New Jersey

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Stile: Is Sweeney reshaping Jersey’s bedrock?


The late Gov. Alfred E. Driscoll, a founding father of the modern state constitution, probably would have been appalled with state Senate President Stephen Sweeney’s approach to New Jersey’s hallowed charter.

In 1947, Driscoll urged the 81 delegates who had been chosen to draft the new document to refrain from padding it with their pet legislative projects. Stick to “basic fundamental principles,” he said.

8 thoughts on “Bergen Record Promotes Trade Union Socialism for New Jersey

  1. Imagine if this boob gets elected?

  2. the union’s built this great u s a.

  3. Sweeney will never be governor!

  4. @7.05pm: How does a union build something?

  5. The only thing unions have built in the last 40 years is the movement to dismantle them. I speak of the leadership and not necessarily the rank & file. They suck their members dry and like the high life on the membership’s back. Their relevance has been reduced to point where they have nothing honorable left to stand upon.

  6. Unions in NJ have bought and paid for the worst state legislature in history over the past 20 years in Trenton. Sweeney is just the latest union lackey. If any of his outrageous constitutional amendments – which are nothing more than attempts to steal money from all NJ residents to give to his favored union pals – pass, the state will be the first in the country to declare bankruptcy.

  7. The unions are unpatriotic – they think it’s okay to steal money from the rest of us for poor work. They haven’t built anything except for fat retirement plans.

  8. Sweeney is unfit to be governor, he’s going to jail

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