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Bernie and Murphy, Perfect Together, Horrible for Jersey

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Jersey City NJ, After an appearance with the most unpopular Democratic President in 40 years, Joe “Bare Shelves” Biden drew all the excitement of drinking warm milk while watching wet paint dry, failed Governor Phil Murphy is getting increasingly desperate. His solution? Call in the most famous Socialist obstructionist of all, comrade Bernie Sanders.

This would all be comical except Mr. Sanders policies are the exact opposite of everything New Jersey should be. New Jersey is home to millions of immigrants and their descendants who fled leftist totalitarian regimes to live in a free capitalist society. Bernie not only repeatedly praised Fidel Castro’s oppressive regime in Cuba, but he also even honeymooned in the Soviet Union! Bernie is public enemy number one of the financial industries that are a key part of our state. And in the US Senate he has sought to radically transform the economy to the point of holding up an infrastructure bill because it didn’t include wasting trillions more on his pet priorities.

Of course, Phil Murphy fits right in with this. Since taking office, Murphy has irresponsibly increased New Jersey’s budget, been hostile to business growth and used his Covid emergency powers far longer and more dangerously than almost any other state. This has resulted in the third highest unemployment rate in America. Rather than govern for what the average New Jerseyan wants, Murphy plays to the national “progressive movement” of which Bernie is the reigning godfather.

“Most of our Democratic friends and neighbors in New Jersey are practical people, not radical ideologues. Bringing someone like Bernie Sanders to New Jersey shows Phil Murphy will go even further left in a second term. It is a further reminder that the top-down left-wing politics that unfortunately President Biden is now following are a failure for the average person. Luckily, we have a great candidate in Jack Ciattarelli whose policies and life experience are much closer to what the typical New Jerseyan believes in. I believe there are hundreds of thousands ‘Jack Democrats’ of all different backgrounds who want change and they will join us in electing a new Governor on Tuesday,” concluded state GOP Chair of Chairs and Hudson Republican Chairman Jose Arango.


9 thoughts on “Bernie and Murphy, Perfect Together, Horrible for Jersey

  1. Phil Murphy is not even hiding the damage he intends to further inflict on NJ. He gets public support from the tax-confiscating, communist Bernie Sanders. The week before that Phil Murphy stood on stage happily gushing over tax-confiscating, equity spending Joe Biden. The message? THEY WANT YOU FOR YOUR TAX PAYMENTS. And YOU have NO say where YOUR tax money goes.
    Your taxes been and will continue to be redistributed to segments that they feel like gifting…while YOU work and YOU pay taxes.

    You have a choice to change this by voting for Jack Ciattarelli on November 2nd.

    Jack Ciattarelli will lower property taxes and will slash government waste and bloated social spending in Trenton. What’s not to like about that?

    Our governor should be fiscally responsible and Phil Murphy has NOT been fiscally responsible to the tax payers of NJ. Judging from the company Murphy keeps (Sanders and Biden) he will go full speed ahead bleeding us dry of our taxes and redistributing it to no benefit of us while the state continues to fall apart.

    Make the choice to SAVE NJ and vote for Jack Ciattarelli on November 2nd!!!

  2. Why, in God’s name, did he think bringing in Bernie Dustball would help his cause…?

  3. “Why, in God’s name, did he think bringing in Bernie Dustball would help his cause…?“

    Because liberals are sheep who follow the herd. They want big government to make every decision on their behalf and look and hope for free handouts so they don’t have to work hard or at all. The left knows this all to well and continues to press for full control of voters lives to maintain power . Don’t give up your freedom…make the choice and vote for Jack.

  4. Bring sanity back, vote for Jack!

  5. I’m taking wagers if he wins….
    He’ll make this California east with his liberal bullshit….
    He’ll resign and have Dementia Biden appoint him as Treasury Secretary (as every other GS alumni)
    He’ll ‘annoint’ Sheila Oliver as Gov so he can claim installing the first AA female governor…
    I WANT to lose this bet…………

  6. Anyone that aligns with Bernie Sanders is DANGEROUS.
    Vote toothy out.

  7. Why, in God’s name, did he think bringing in Bernie Dustball would help his cause…?

    Because he knows we are……. (wait for it)….


  8. It’s a mystery to me, anybody over the age of 22 knows that Bernie is a half-cocked codger.

    The people that like Bernie were going to vote for Governor Bicuspid anyways….!

  9. Vote Smurph out.
    He is a globalist puppet.

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