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Best Face Moisturizers for Women 2020 – Reviews

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The beauty industry is currently famous for a wide selection of face care products. Among them, you can find face masks, peels, scrubs, anti-aging serums, gels, and, of course, moisturizers. Most women take care of their skin with it. A feature of moisturizers is a light and delicate texture that is quickly absorbed. They also have anti-aging and nutritional functions. But which of them is the best?

  •   Clinique SuperDefense Broad Spectrum

It is distinguished by a high price, excellent care characteristics, effective hydration, restoration, skin protection. It is sold through pharmacy chains, professional cosmetics stores, and retail outlets selling luxury cosmetics.

Our verdict: It is highly effective and protects from the sun. By the way, if you are going on vacation, then consider the best cruises for senior singles. Also, it is completely universal – it can be applied both in the morning before applying makeup and in the evening.

  •   Clarins Eclat du jour

This is a good moisturizer with a special skin radiance effect. The constant use of cosmetics ensures proper skincare and maintaining its elasticity and tenderness. The structure of the cream is very light and doesn’t leave greasy marks on the body.

Our verdict: Women who used the cream leave only positive feedback about it, which confirms the high effectiveness of the cosmetic product. And also, there is high hydration of the skin when applying the cream.

  •   Shiseido Skincare Multi-Energizing Cream

This is a proven cosmetic product for aged skin, which provides it with the necessary care and recovery. The active components fight premature skin aging, eliminate dark spots and wrinkles, and provide cell nutrition processes.  

Our verdict: The pricing policy of the cosmetic product is quite high but confirmed by the high effectiveness of the product. Most women respond positively to the effectiveness of the cream.

  •   Dolce S Gabbana Aurealux Cream Radiance Moisturiser 

This cream is quite effective. Thanks to the correctly selected natural ingredients, the skin becomes smooth, silky, and healthy. The texture of the cream is very airy and with constant use for two weeks, positive changes are clearly visible. The skin becomes soft elastic and radiant, and wrinkles are smoothed and significantly reduce the woman’s age!

Our verdict: It consists of natural components that affect skin cells through internal metabolic processes, which ensures a long-lasting effect of the cosmetic product. The cream is popular due to the effectiveness and celebrity of the brand.

  •   Avene Serenage Jour 

A popular company has been producing women’s skincare products for many years. The product has a light and non-greasy texture. It is quickly absorbed without leaving greasy marks. Intensively moisturizes, saturates with useful vitamins and minerals.

Our verdict: The cream eliminates dryness, inflammation, redness. There are no harmful components and it doesn’t cause an allergic reaction.

  •   Valmont  Prime Regenera I

The main ingredient of the cream, which at one time made the Valmont brand incredibly popular, is a triple molecule of DNA and RNA. The ternary molecule includes calcium, magnesium, and sodium macroelements. DNA and RNA control the synthesis of proteins and increase the biological activity of cells.

Our verdict: The product moisturizes, improves skin color, protects in the cold. It can be used in adulthood and with the appearance of the first signs of aging (optimal age is 30+). Suitable for all skin types and approved by dermatologists.


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