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Best websites to find businesses for sale

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Successful business transactions are being made by many people. Not an easy path, but lucrative for those who are prepared. Local establishments that have been in operation for several decades are a good starting point. These companies are easy targets, but few people see it that way. That’s because business owners are typically much older and have little to no familiarity with modern forms of online promotion. It’s also possible that they’re too busy with retirement or another full-time job to devote time to running the company.

As a business opportunity, investing in delivery routes is often overlooked. Yet delivery routes and distributorships provide substantial benefits for entrepreneurs.

Where can you find the best websites to buy or sell delivery routes?

Online marketplaces where delivery routes can be bought and sold include:

1) BizRoutes

2) Routes to Success

3) The Route Exchange

4) Routific

5) BizBuySell

6) Route4me

7) BizQuest

8) DeliveryRoutesForSale

9) Nationalida

10) KR Capital

Different types of routes

Routes can be divided into two broad categories: protected and independent. You can designate certain points along your route as safe zones. A protected route will prevent unauthorized individuals from entering a restricted area. However, a protected stop can only assure you of a few specific locations within a larger area. This allows for a greater variety of route owners to share a single region.

Even though you’re a free agent with your own business, if you choose a well-known brand, you’ll be expected to uphold the company’s image. Additional duties include upholding the organization’s norms regarding hiring practices, policies, and even dress codes. In exchange, they market the company’s products and reduce administrative burden by covering things like truck repairs, fuel, and wages (if applicable).

Due to its ability to service multiple suppliers, an independent route offers greater adaptability. This opens the door to offering more options at competitive prices and a wider selection of products. They bring in a steady stream of revenue, but since no territories are off limits, the playing field is more level. Since the cost to acquire an independent route is lower, the net profit is greater, and fewer rules apply to the operation of an independent route, this type of route is less subject to regulation.

How do you get paid after investing in a delivery route business?

Any payment terms and conditions that apply to you as a route owner should be spelled out in detail in the contract you are required to sign with the company you represent. The commission is typically based on the total number of deliveries made within a given route. You, as the route owner, will be paid every week.

If you have purchased a route from FedEx and have settled on a 15% commission, you will be paid weekly in cash based on the number of deliveries completed during that week. One of the best things about running a delivery route business is the steady stream of income you’ll receive.

Possible ways to find a delivery route

Looking for a delivery route? You have several possibilities. There are a plethora of broker websites that provide details on all conceivable routes, be they regionally or nationally based. You can check  to  find many routes for sale. BizRoutes is just one example of a website that caters specifically to the needs of businesses looking for a certain route. To top it all off, you can buy the route outright from the company if you know exactly which segments you want to own.

While the number of delivery companies is not expected to grow significantly between 2008 and 2018, the industry’s established routes will help it remain competitive. It follows that delivery services will never be obsolete.


Securing funds to buy a delivery route

You’ve settled on the line of business you wish to own; the next step is to secure financing. It can be challenging if you are applying for a loan and it is your first time. Especially if your credit is less than stellar or if your business has been operating for less than two years. For those with savings for old age, a Rollover as Business Startups may be the answer. Sometimes in as little as 10 business days, you can get the capital you need to fund your business by withdrawing it from your retirement account, tax-deferred and without penalty.

Owner and supplier relationship in the delivery route business

If you own a delivery route, you are the sole operator making deliveries within that area. Your route’s supplier is the company whose product you’re delivering. Suppliers will sometimes use a dedicated sales force to help boost business in a specific area. Such personnel working within your territory can prove to be extremely helpful in increasing your profitability.

Ultimately, you and the supplier want to increase sales. Consequently, teamwork will allow you to more effectively manage relationships with local accounts, drive display within those accounts, and expand your client base. You and your supplier can both benefit from driving more business your way, so teaming up to do so is a smart move.

Should you buy a delivery route?

Once a delivery route has been set up, the income from it tends to be very consistent. There are a wide variety of routes to choose from, and their prices range widely. In addition to the price of the route itself, you’ll need to budget for and maintain facilities (rented or your own), assets (vehicles, computers, technology, etc.), and business software (financial, route planning, etc.).

Profit from delivery route business

When you purchase a route, you are usually purchasing an established clientele for a particular service. That means money-making is done right from the start. If you want to maximize your earnings, you can either invest in a route with room for growth in terms of clientele, or you can buy multiple routes and sell them off individually.


Many business owners, once a profitable route has been established, decide to branch out into adjacent regions. There is a constant influx of new routes, and some of the best ones go fast. As a result, it is essential to regularly check the aforementioned resources for any new developments. The same holds true for having the financial means to quickly pursue new avenues as they open up.

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