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Big Oil Loves Green Energy Policies

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, oil price surged to $75 a barrel this week under Biden’s green energy policies.  The price was as low as $35 a barrel under President Trump, because Trump promoted a policy of more oil meant lower prices at the pump. This was effectively a massive multi-billion dollar tax cut for lower and middle incomes.

With the exploding demand for energy now that the world economy is reopening and the idiotic Biden curtailments on oil drilling here at home, which is often done by the smaller and independent “wildcat” drillers, this administration is enriching the major oil companies with existing wells. This is why the price of gas at the pump is $3.29 a gallon nationally and above $5 a gallon in California.

Harold Hamm, who runs Continental Energy, one of the fathers of modern shale gas innovations, predicts the price may surge to more than $100 a barrel –which means well over $4 a gallon at the pump.

Even Biden’s own Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm has complained that in some ways the Biden policies are making carbon emissions worse, by approving pipelines of dirty energy from Russia to Germany, while killing pipelines from relatively cleaner oil and gas here in the U.S.  Our prediction is that global and U.S. carbon emissions are going way up this year and next.

2 thoughts on “Big Oil Loves Green Energy Policies

  1. I was waiting for an energy post here.

    Sleepy Joe is a dangerous guy.

  2. Its all part of the narrative
    they want to kill the fossil fuel industry
    they want to force us to drive electric (COAL POWERED cars)
    where does electricity come from?? COAL, oil, clean natural gas
    they want smart electric meters so they can ration electricity (shut off your air conditioner)
    EVERYTHING they promote is for their agenda… be careful
    ALL while China builds new coal powerplants using cheap polluting electricity to gain advantage in manufacturing costs of everything
    you dopes voted for Democrats… this is what you get

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