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Bioscience Company Raises $15m to bring back Woolly Mammoth from Extinction

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Ridgewood NJ, Bioscience and genetics company Colossal recently raised $15 million to recreate the wooly mammoth. The project involves taking skin cells from Asian elephants and reprogramming them into more versatile stem cells that carry mammoth DNA, then carrying embryos to term in a surrogate mother or artificial womb. The researchers hope they have their first set of calves in six years. While reintroducing herds of elephant-mammoth hybrids to the Arctic tundra may help convert landscapes to grassland and keep the ground cool, some scientists argue that it is not the most effective way to restore the tundra.

5 thoughts on “Bioscience Company Raises $15m to bring back Woolly Mammoth from Extinction

  1. Do they eat landscaping?

  2. I’ve seen this movie.

  3. Can you imagine they can bring it back that be cool

  4. If they want to re-animate som ancient fossils, it’s best they start in Congress.

  5. Its most cruel.Where are its natural enemies.It will figure it out. You people don’t know how to live,and probably will never live one day in your whole life,but thats the way God made you.I’m not saying your a robot.Its horns are designed from the unconcious wonder or some say God of its time,to hit sabor tooth tiger,all of these animals are similar,its design,its design,it will feel like unchallenged,with
    nothing of the concious energry/God of its time which made other things to ex: co exist with it(all of the things that went extinct).Like you,it too will never live one day in its life.Get a life?Yeah.Get a life.
    If it is a true wolly mamoth it will,figure it out.It takes a lot of power to do it right.You can’t do it right and could be “called on it” by animal care groups,for animal cruelty.Most cruel.

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