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‘Black Spring’ for Ridgewood. Pitchforks, anyone?


March 16,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Thanks to Valley Hospital’s major donor and Ridgewood lawsuit and mediation member Councilwoman Hauck, the tsunami of inappropriate developments in Ridgewood has just intensified tenfold. This could become ‘Black Spring’ for Ridgewood. Pitchforks, anyone?

Valley Mediation – “reduced” from 995,000 square feet of building to 961,000 square feet, reducing by 34000 sq feet. They also forgot to mention there will be a 5 story 200,000 + sq feet parking garage on the corner of Van Dien and Linwood!.
Guess who represented us (Ridgewood) in this mediation? Final public hearings before this plan goes in effect on 3/30, 3/31, 4/4, 4/5 and 4/7.

Yet again another  major decision to break made before the elections!!!

20 thoughts on “‘Black Spring’ for Ridgewood. Pitchforks, anyone?

  1. Remember this when they suggest that a big bronze plaque with their names and the Queen Bee name be put on the garage or any where else in Ridgewood. Also change the name of Irene Habernickle Family Park to Hillcrest Park or anything else.

  2. Its like the end of the The Godfather. They are taking care of all family business in the next 2 months. Years of inaction by the Council will end with a major coup.

  3. “it’s just business nothing personal…”

  4. Irene Habernickle did not donate the land to the village. There is no reason to name the park after her.

    Hillcrest field describes it much better.

  5. Amazing. I hope the first step of the new council is to get rid of Gail Price. And that Gwen was on the negotiating committee for Valley is just unbelievable. I can’t imagine her able to negotiate anything.

  6. Mayor Aronsohn is the swing vote on this. Write letters, send emails, talk to him when you bump into him in Stop & Shop. Let him know that he campaigned against this gross overdevelopment and he voted previously against this plan and we’re counting on him to REJECT this insulting settlement.

  7. Amen on hillcrest park unless Irene wants to fork over the 10 mil she got

  8. Remember this as the They know better regime..major damage to the
    Village in general..owners will sell and leave…gross mismanagement..

  9. Ridgewood is on the chopping block. Sleazy, self-centered government and years of scheming and plotting by some of our fellow residents has led our village down this dark hole. Ridgewood use to be a great town, under great stewardship for most of its history, until Aronsohn plotted and schemed to get the wrong people on the planning board and council. Collectively what is occurring right now will forever change the Village. A few will benefit from these sell outs, particularly Aronsohn in his bid for senator next year. All of this sleazy sellout of our village is what’s going to drive the good people away over the next decade, the decline will occur, and so the very thing you say you love you will have destroyed.

  10. Judges deciding what is appropriate land use in Ridgewood. Better get used to it! Wonder where all this “no development under any circumstances” talk leads?

  11. If Aronsohn votes in favor of this settlement, i will work my ass off to see he is never elected to another public office!

  12. 9.53..spoken like a possible developer or a pro growth taxpayer.when the bloom comes off the Rose on some of these recently built senior or pre retirement lifestyle apartments ,their shabby construction comes into the light, changing the nature of the community. Builders and politicos by then are long gone..VOR and other homeowners likely left holding the not so pretty impacts..

  13. Dear 11.02. Our Mayor has moved onto his own agenda..exclusively..

  14. 200,000sf five story garage on the corner of Van Dien and Linwood. Build it BIG, Build it TALL !! Go Valley !! This will make the proposed garage on Hudson Street look like a toy in comparison.

  15. This is a shocking development on a couple of levels. First that Valley can sue us asserting that the needs of the region justify (in their estimation) such a profoundly negative impact on the town. Second, that Ridgewood can allow a Valley insider to negotiate a settlement when she had sworn an oath to represent the Village. It really is time for a citizens’ revolt at Village Hall since the Council majority are clearly using their remaining months in office to put their personal agendas in place. Shameful.

  16. Dear 2.05. Bollocks 2 u

  17. 8:39- out of time for that!!!

  18. Great to see sworn town officials looking out for their number one priorities..their own self’s blatant Folks..we should nail the doors to city hall shut and declare a vote of no confidence appointing an emergency board prior needed Emergency town Election.could not make matters worse in any way..including hurricanes and the plague..

  19. 9:53 hit it right on the head. If we dont provide another outlet, these developers/hospital will sue and will build whatever a judge will let them build. The only way we have a say is when we actually negotiate in good faith.

  20. Another disgrace.

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