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Board of Ed is not listening

>Board of Ed is not listening

Board of Ed is not listening. They turfed fields and installed stadium lights. Many of us did not want this and many neighbors fought this. They did it anyway because they think that they know better then the taxpayers.

There is a bit of a shake up in the math department, but it is too little too late. The HS freshmen are sweating the Algebra exam. It is May and the parents are scrambling to find tutors. Everyone is worried about failing the state test. The HS math department is now telling the middle school math teachers what to do. IT is all TOO LATE! It’s May for God’s sake – where have they been all year? Our children will pay the price for this educational malpractice.

Did I mention that they spent time & money fighting residents over the turf fields?

There are employees who do virtually nothing, but they have been working for the schools for so long they can’t be fired. School Principals don’t know anything about managing staff. They act like teachers who accidentally got promoted, they need to be managers. If office staff is uncooperative and does not work 7 hours a day, a good manager would document this and issue a warning. In six weeks they would look for improvement. If no progress has been made then they should begin termination proceedings. In our schools the principal just ignores the nonworkers and allows the overpaid assistant principals to pick up the slack.

The Skyward system could be improved. Why is Blackboard even on the website. Pick something and stick with it.

Fix your phone system and teach the staff how to pick up messages.

Stop hiding important information and leaving the same old information on the home page for the schools. The BOE election results don’t need to be on the middle school home page. And I am sure that the handful of parents sending to private schools have contacted the school for transcripts. Why is this info on the home page for the school? Maybe they could have notified the parents that 8th graders that the kids would be taking the NJ HS Algebra test. This is information that should have been front and center. An email was sent out this week, less than two weeks to prepare. Connected math will not help them with the test, but a good tutor will.

Did I mention that they fought the taxpayers over stadium lights for the fields?

The Board of Ed members need some Ritlin. I voted NO because they have not focused on education. They spend time and money on noneducational projects. They made bad choices with my money.

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