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Boston – 1+1=3


Boston – 1+1=3

Its funny that we may never know the exact reason why the Boston bombings took place. One suspect is dead and the other is critically injured in hospital with severe injuries to his neck and “tongue.” His ability to talk maybe infringed upon because of the injuries that he suffered. The police are saying that the injuries to the suspect may have been self inflicted in an attempt to commit suicide.

Meanwhile, the people of Boston have been placed under an illusion of safety – that everything is ok now as we caught the bombers but if you look at the facts around this case, things just don’t add up.

Five years ago, the Russian government requested assistance from the FBI to locate and question the eldest brother, who was shot dead on Friday morning. The FSB (Russian Intelligence Services) made this request because it suspected that Tamerlan Tsarnaev had connections to Islamic Chechen terrorists, who have been fighting Russian forces since 1991. These are the guys responsible for the Beslan school hostage crisis in 2004 in which 380 people (adults and children) where murdered after a three day siege when Chechen terrorists took close to 1200 people (770 children) hostage.

So here are my first questions:

1. Why would two guys of Chechen background, attack anything in the US?
a. The Chechen-based terrorist spokes people have stated that they have no issues with the US – they only have issues with the Russian Federation.
2. If these guys did not commit the bombings on behalf of the Chechen terrorists, but did so as part of an Al-Qaeda –planned attach, why did they not commit suicide, i.e. blow themselves up? They would have known that they would be caught – they were intelligent people, by all accounts. I mean, if you look at all the crazy Islamic terrorist attacks aimed against the West and those countries that support the US, you will notice that the fact that these were not suicide bombings are a little bizarre. For example, New York/DC (2001), Madrid (2004), London (2005) and countless others in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Every bombing carried out with an Al Qaeda connection has been a suicide bombing – why not these two?
a. Now, the police chief in Boston has “Speculated” that these two guys were going to carry out more bombings because of the devices that were found at the scene of the shootout in which Tamerian Tsarnaev was killed. Are there confirmed, third party, reports that such devices were found and if so, by whom?

3. Why, if the FSB in Moscow did request FBI assistance in locating and questioning Tamerian Tsarnaev five years ago, was he granted permission to enter Russia and why was he not arrested upon arrival in Moscow last year while in transit to visit his home state of Dagestan?

4. If the FBI had been given the heads up about the suspected ties that Tarnerian Tsarnaev had with suspected Chechen terrorists, why, upon his arrival back in the US was he not quizzed further about his whereabouts and activities in Russia where he stayed for six months?

a. Why was his residency status in the US not revoked?
5. Why, as his mother stated to a Russian news outlet, if the FBI were tracking Tarnerian Tsarnaev’s every move did they not know what he was planning, if he actually did plan the Boston bombing or if he was just a pawn?
So, as we are led to believe, everything is fine in Boston and everything is returning to normal across the US – no need to worry, we got the guys responsible for the Boston bombing. Or did we?

The reports are now filtering through that there is a sleeper cell, consisting of 12 people that the FBI are now hunting. A sleeper cell? That is a little drastic – I mean, come on, one minute the people are being told, “great, the city is clear, everybody can relax, go to Fenway and watch the Red Sox, etc.” now they are being told, “hey, we are looking for another 12 people blah blah blah!!!” I think this is creating a situation whereby anybody that looks or speaks different in Boston will be reported to the police. Anybody that speaks Russian will definitely be reported to the police – all this will give the police an excuse to close the city – lock people in their homes, places of work, anywhere – and for what purpose?

The lock down happened very fast – what happens when a lock down is ordered again and then again and then again until the government states that it is highly likely that the city of Boston will remain in constant lockdown – what city will be next?
We have had critics of the US government come out this week stating that the government has lost the plot when it comes to keeping the US safe – which the president has stated that the authorities are very close to bringing down Al Qaeda. The simple response to this is BOLLIX!!!!

We are constantly told that the leadership of Al Qaeda is on the brink? But who are the leadership and if they are that close to the brink, why are they not being pushed over already?

The simple answer is the fact that no-body knows what to do. How many experts have been brought on discuss all these issues so that the American people can be informed?

Every US channel has experts in all facets of experience when it comes to fighting Al Qaeda. Or do they – Dr. Jo Schmo, Director of foreign blah blah balh at Georgetown University and Dr. Bitch on Wheels, Professor of steering shit at Harvard are here to discuss the latest…” The American people are listening to these idiots as if they know what the hell is going on, but most of all, as if they have a clue what they are talking about. The truth is they don’t and everything they say comes from the US authorities. “Hey, this is what we want you to say on Fox, NBC, CBS, etc.” We want the world to know that we are on top of the situation. THEY ARE NOT and this builds another case to ask – why in his most recent State of the Union Address, did President Obama declare that:

“I am “confident” of achieving “our objective of defeating the core of al-Qaeda”. Although I acknowledged the need to pursue the “remnants” of the terrorist group and its affiliates, the overall message is clear – al-Qaeda was badly degraded, the tides of war were receding and the US was winning this fight that was no longer even officially a war.”

Who in the name of God is advising the President of the United States on this stuff???? Defeating the core of Al-Qaeda??? Do they even know what that means??? Do they understand what Al-Qaeda is??? Obviously not by the sound of things.
What most people don’t know is the fact that it was the US that gave Al-Qaeda its name. When the Afghan mujahedeen were fighting to expel the Soviet troops, the US government supplied the mujahedeen with weapons and money. The weapons were sent to the mujahedeen’s key base at Al Farouq through Pakistan– as the literal translation in Arabic from English for base is Al-Qaeda, the use of the name became common amongst CIA operatives in the area, and hence Al-Qaeda was born. It was here that the key weaponry was sent and the money was filtered through Pakistan. All this was done under the CIA’s code name Operation Cyclone.

It is known that the millions of dollars that the US government secured for use in Afghanistan were tunneled to Al Qaeda by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, whom Pakistan believed was their man in Afghanistan. The funding of the mujahedeen was initially approved by President Carter and then President Regan intensified CIA involvement. The CIA would later claim that at no stage was Al-Qaeda been funded by the US – but what was Al-Qaeda, only the base headquarters of the mujahedeen. The CIA claimed that they funded local rebel groups – but these were groups that, after the withdrawal of the last Soviet troops in 1988 went on to form the Taliban. It was Pakistani Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto that informed President George HW Bush, upon his election as President, that the US was creating a Frankenstein in Afghanistan.

And so we had, as early as the late 1980’s the development of what we now know today as Al Qaeda, a well-financed, global terror group that would become the McDonalds of the world of terrorism. It was franchised out across the world to grow the ideals and teachings of Islam, under the guise of Sunni Muslim teachings. While its global leadership and financing were headed by Osama Bin Laden, its operational procedure was based on centralized leadership and financing and decentralized operations which meant that groups in various parts of the world did not need approval from the snakes head to wiggle its tail.

Hence what President Obama said in his state of the union address pertaining to “being “confident” of achieving “our objective of defeating the core of al-Qaeda”. Bin Laden is dead – the key players are dead or in prison so how are they still able to carry out the murderous acts that they continue to commit?

The US and its allies supported the over throw of Colonel Quaddiffi in 2012. They financed the insurgents in Libya – it was the very same insurgents that killed the US ambassador in October 2012 but only now are they being called terrorists – why? They were not terrorists when they over threw Quaddaffi and hunted him and his family down. No, they were key players in making Libya a more stable democratic country (BULLSHIT). But the US and its allies have also supported the insurgents in Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt and now in Syria – but who are the insurgents??? They are Al Qaeda backed groups that have the most extremist Islamic beliefs drawn from Wahhabism, Shafi’ism, Malikism and Hanafism. Nobody can imagine what the Middle East will look like in 20 years’ time should Syria collapse, followed by Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, etc.

The dangers posed to the US are huge – and in the strategy map of Al Qaeda its plan is working – Al Qaeda planned for the US to invest its military in numerous wars in the Middle East so that it would go broke by 2020 because it could not continue to support these wars – the US dollar would crumble and the population of the US would be crying out because the country had fallen apart – no jobs, inflation out the window, just a nightmare situation.

It is up to the great people of the US not to accept the word of the government or the law enforcement agencies anymore – they will continue to tell lie after lie after lie. It all started with Iraq and WMDs – billions of dollars and thousands of lives lost – there were no WMDs in Iraq and the government knew that before it invaded the country and committed the people of the US to years of hell.

Don’t accept the “official” line about Boston as it is much too serious to. Questions need to asked and answered and if we act like sheep and follow the official line, then we will be slaughtered like sheep and believe me, nobody wants that to happen.

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