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BREAKING : Mayor Comments on Rash of Burglaries in Ridgewood

Ramon Hache ridgewood NJ

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Ridgewood NJ, Village of Ridgewood Mayor Ramon Hache puts out a statement to all residents about a number of burglaries taking place in Ridgewood .

To All Residents:

You may have heard about a number of burglaries taking place in Ridgewood. The Ridgewood Police Department is diligently working on uncovering every detail and piece of information it can to identify the actors involved. The police is working very hard at it and giving it the full attention of the department.

We ask residents who have footage from security cameras or other helpful information to contact the police at (201) 652-3900. We advise residents to take basic security precautions by properly locking doors and window

9 thoughts on “BREAKING : Mayor Comments on Rash of Burglaries in Ridgewood

  1. Thank you Mayor Hache.

  2. Good to know “The Ridgewood Police Department police is diligently working” because I was worried that the Ridgewood Police Department secretaries were handling this one.

    Also nice to know that “the police is working hard.” For all our tax dollars you would think we’d have more than one.

    You get the government you deserve.

  3. He is amazing isn’t he? We are so lucky to have him. I was also worried that the police were asleep but now I am reassured that they’re hard at work.
    Intersection cameras are a must if we want to keep same size of police dept and also deter criminals. But I won’t hold my breath. VC is busy building the next Hackensack. Expect burglary incidents to increase as we transition to a nice, big town and NJ fully embraces illegals as a sanctuary state. I just pray that homeowners do not get hurt. Property can be replaced.

  4. Hache is the best. What would we do without him? Well we will soon find out when most on to high office.

  5. Thank God the burglaries will STOP once the GINORMOUS CARAGE is built.
    Oh right… the mayor doesn’t care about that…

  6. Nice to see the pd so quick to post of Facebook to let residents know

  7. Break into my house you will have buckshot in your ass, come on in,

  8. Jerry is right ..the drug addicts see our suburban towns as pansies…ripe for the picking …train in break and enter and haul ass out..all they need is any empty fed ex box and everyone thinks they belong on your front porch to scan your locks and window reinforcements .Then kick in your backdoors then party on your jewelry and cash..Police should be stopping strangers walking with flyers and Boxes
    In the neighborhoods’s dark late afternoons now,,

  9. Report any solicitors
    It’s a scam to find out if the home is occupied.
    Put timers on your lights inside and out.
    Get a security system. Usually your homeowner insurance give you a 20% discount on the premium with a monitored system. My house in 07450 has a traditional alarm company for around 23 per month monitoring fee. If it breaks, I’ll just buy th simply safe, which I have at the beach, and that’s 15 monthly .

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