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BREAKING NEWS: NJ DEP to Send Investigators to Toll Brothers Site in Upper Saddle River

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photo Derek Michalski of GreenUSR and CBS

May 25,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Upper Saddle River NJ, On the one-month anniversary of the infamous discovery of the pumping of runoff consisting of a suspension of carcinogenic toxic soil by Toll Brothers directly into Pleasant Brook—a practice that has been apparently ongoing now for more than four consecutive months—at 6:19 PM tonight GreenUSR Attorney Gart Molander received the following text message from the NJ DEP:

“I work for the NJ DEP and have no information on what the locals did or how they have handled this issue. Today is the first time my office (Bureau of Emergency Response) was notified of this ongoing issue. As mentioned, I am sending someone from the County to investigate. They will advise me if there is any action necessary by the State. Thanks“

Apparently neither Mayor Minichetti, her Council, the Borough Administrator, nor Boswell Engineering deemed it necessary to report these ongoing erosion control problems, including the pumping of muddy runoff containing high levels of arsenic and lead directly into our precious waterways, from the biggest construction site in the history of Upper Saddle River to the NJ DEP Emergency Management Program.
We are now on the NJ DEP’s radar screen and let’s hope that finally reasonable minds will prevail to shut down this unprecedented environmental disaster.

3 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: NJ DEP to Send Investigators to Toll Brothers Site in Upper Saddle River

  1. Hopefully something will come out of this investigation. I hope the authorities take it seriously.

  2. Who tested the discharged water and determined it has high levels of arsenic? Or are you simply guessing that the arsenic still remains in the soil even after the site remediation? Furthermore, are there base level tests to determine if the arsenic existed in the downstream areas before the construction began?

  3. Cautionary tale for Ridgewood. Once the developers get the green light they do whatever they need to cut costs and maximize profit.

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