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Ramsey NJ,  Twenty-nine local GOP mayors are sending a very clear and early message in the upcoming mid-term election cycle: Frank Pallotta has demonstrated he has the right background, appeal to voters, and solutions-oriented approach to be the Republican nominee for New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District and our next Member of Congress.

Year after year, voters keep sending the same message: enough of the career politicians who play partisan games and refuse to work together. Our local communities, New Jersey, and the United States face serious problems that Washington just can’t solve.
“It’s clear that the career politicians can’t get the job done,” said Hardyston Township Mayor Brian Kaminski. “Frank is a serious candidate who will represent us in a serious way. He understands business; he has a longstanding record of helping veterans; and he doesn’t waffle. Josh Gottheimer has not delivered. He has let Washington’s partisan logjam continue – allowing bipartisan legislation like the infrastructure bill to be bogged down in wasteful additional spending that has nothing to do with infrastructure. Instead of reaching across the aisle, he spent his days cow-towing to Nancy Pelosi, AOC and his own special interests.”
Frank Pallotta understands that Washington needs to be held accountable. He would have held hearings demanding answers about President Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. He would be actively seeking solutions to soaring inflation and gas prices. And he wouldn’t be playing games with the “defund the police” crowd as Josh Gottheimer has.
Frank Pallotta said, “When I speak with local small business owners – including veteran, minority and woman owned businesses – they tell me how they feel abandoned. They were hit hard by the pandemic and now their congressman is supporting one of the largest spending plans and tax increases in 50 years, and at a time of record inflation. They are done with the games and gridlock in D.C. and want someone who will fight for them. I will rise to the challenge and work with our business community on common sense solutions.”
Air Force Veteran and Closter Mayor John Glidden stated, “Frank has demonstrated a deep commitment to our servicemembers and veterans for decades. He actually helped veterans save their homes during the 2008 financial crisis. Utilizing the private sector, he went above and beyond any efforts by the government to help people. Frank gets it. He doesn’t pander. He delivers. And in Congress, he will take his experience and do even more for those who served our nation.”
Mr. Pallotta is again seeking the Republican Party’s nomination after an historic and decisive 20-point primary victory in 2020. In a field of Republican candidates last year that grew to as many as 9, Frank prevailed in convincing fashion.
“Voters want transparency and not backroom deals that fail to consider the interests of the entire district. My focus will continue to be on all the residents of District 5. They want their voices heard and will look to what a candidate stands for as a well as their chance to win in November.” Frank continued, “There are four Counties that make up Congressional District 5 and no one has spent time more time than I have, in all of them. I am incredibly proud that these endorsements come from every reach of a District I love and have traveled non-stop for nearly three years. The candidate who is truly committed to representing the entire District – and not one county, will win the hearts of the voters and will prevail in the end.”
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