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Can Pickleball Save Ridgewood?

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood Nj, the  New Yorker ran a story asking ,”Can Pickleball Save America?” In the article author Sarah Larson called pickleball , “The sport, beloved for its democratic spirit, could unite the country—if it doesn’t divide itself first.”

So if Pickleball can save America , maybe it can even save Ridgewood . With what promises to be another contentious election for council just around the corner maybe pickleball really is the answer  .

What makes the Ridgewood blog say that :

1) Pickleball is an extremely social game

2)Beginner friendly

3)Suitable for parks and recreation departments like Ridgewood parks and Rec.

4)Its a great sport at very skill level

5)Its very Family-friendly, which is great for a town like Ridgewood

6)It’s easy to pick up and learn

7)Pickleball requires minimal space.

8)Equipment is simple and affordable

9)And  finally its Affordable to play

Look, it is easy to learn , affordable to play , family friendly , very social and great at all skill levels . Pickleball cuts across all age and socioeconomic groups and  for Ridgewood it would bring together Eastsiders and Westsiders , sports dads , homeowners , and high density housing types , locals and commuters , drivers , walkers and cyclists as well as school parents and empty nesters ,old folks and millennials , gardeners , swimmers, restaurants , merchants   and finally free speech types  vs  the shut up and pay types types.

One thought on “Can Pickleball Save Ridgewood?

  1. No not at all. Nothing can save us now.

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