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Candidate for Village Council Siobhan Winograd and the “Soccer Mom Mafia”


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Candidate for Village Council  Siobhan Winograd boldly claims in the Tap Into Ridgewood , “Meet the Candidates for Ridgewood Village Council”  she is going to be an ,”independent voice for the residents of this great village”. Really she might want to start with her Facebook group , “Ridgewood Moms and Dads” , some residents refer to is as the “Soccer Mom Mafia” the group’s motto over the years has been to say anything you like as long as you agree with me .The group has a reputation of being very dictatorial in its policies and over the years members have been caught organizing social media attacks on other residents .

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Like Evan Weitz , Winograd is the hand picked candidate of developer John Saraceno.  Saracino also backed Paul Vagianos and Pamela Perron. Clearly the fix is in for massive high density development in Ridgewood . Remember when a developer jams additional units on the taxpayers , the taxpayers get stuck with bills for public safety, sewage, roads , parking , power, schools and water.  History has shown over and over that the Village of Ridgewood has zero ability to properly plan and execute a development . This blog started during the disastrous Village Hall Wreck-o-vacation period  and whether its a project like “suicide ” bike lanes , CBD Valet parking , turf fields or  Schedler House the Village has become synonymous with these epic fails.

Winograd led the One Village One Vote initiative .This was an effort to remove residents’ ability to vote on the massive Ridgewood School budget . Under the ruse of “more voter participation” the group was accused of ,” trying to spread misinformation to take away people’s voting rights”.  The One Village One Vote initiative was heavily promoted by the teachers union , developers  and sadly the League of Women Voters, making it far easier to hide spending initiatives and eliminating a major check budget and school budget priorities .Remember Winograd and her supporters were big proponents of former Superintendent of schools Dr. Fishbein who left in a huff after some of his pet projects for teachers were challenged .

Winograd stated she wants to  ,”focus on resident-endorsed projects in our village and end unnecessary spending that doesn’t benefit the majority.” The Ridgewood blog found this the most amusing given she is being backed by developers .

22 thoughts on “Candidate for Village Council Siobhan Winograd and the “Soccer Mom Mafia”

  1. Can you share proof of this developer backing? Seems like big accusations to make without substantiation.

    1. lol…. is this a joke?

  2. I will never EVER vote for her. She is horrible

  3. Welcome to Hackensack.

  4. Ms Winograd continues to pursue a 10 year old lawsuit that stems from a youth soccer disagreement. I think the Village needs someone who knows more about picking the right battles and when to compromise.

    1. I’m a soccer referee.

      You wouldn’t some of the stupid things parents say from the stands.

      Or maybe you would.

  5. Believe it and vote for Knudsen and Van Goor or are truly dead ducks.

  6. Ask the question at the LWV debate, if Winograd had Saraceno in her house, if she has been to his house, if he donated to her candidacy and the answer is “e” all of the above. Plus she is engaged with the democratic party at the county level, favors, favors, favors. Aligned to Ramon who, incorrectly (or didn’t) disclose donations back in 2016. Don’t vote for her just because she likes pickle ball and hybrid meetings. Her kids didn’t attend RW HS but she founded the Alumni, we can go on and on.

    1. Her son attended RW HS

    2. Where her kids attended school is irrelevant. Parents make decisions based on what is best for their kids and family. Leave the kids out of it.

  7. Where do all the candidates sit in terms of fiscal restraint? I think the Blog would do the community a service by asking each candidate to commit to the 2% cap.

    1. They can commit to anything you like until they get your vote and then change their stance. They should be measured by their past record and their activity in this town’s politics. Susan is head and shoulders above this so called “candidate” or the other who oversaw Aronson’s financials. These are political operatives that we should keep as far as possible from managing our local politics. Just like Hache they want a step that can propel them into higher office. I don’t see neither as having RW interests at heart. We are heading into a lot of turmoil if any or both these people get elected.

  8. Watch the League of Women Voters’ candidates’ debate on Wednesday night 10/19, 7-8:30 PM.

    Listen to what they say. Does any of it make sense?

    1. Its a bs debate
      Questions are directed by LWV
      W was director of LWV..conflict?

      LWV mission is to protect voter rights…yet they supported the One Village One Vote initiative to suppress voter rights when it came to the school budget

  9. Ridgewood League of women voters is compromised. They’ve repeatedly voted to serve as a mouthpiece for any issue Siobhan takes up. Members pushing back results in Siobhan crying.

    This long time member is concerned.

  10. What happened to Ridgewood non-partisan elections? Why bergen county dems pushing for Weitz and Winograd?

  11. Why do Bergen County Dems push candidates?
    and MORE POWER

  12. Looks like Saraceno has folks that monitor this and other websites.

  13. Believe me they are no mafia.

  14. LWV = League of Woman Liberal Voters.
    ‘We say to do it for the kids, but it’s really to firm up our Mean Girls table’.

  15. So is Van Goor with Susan or not? He says yes some days and no the others. Sounds like he’s playing both sides. And why did neither fill out the LWV questionnaire?

  16. How long do we have to see the Siobhan Winograd for council lawn signs?

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