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Cannabis Business Up in Smoke in the Village of Ridgewood ; Public Hearing June 9th

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Ridgewood NJ, as previously reported  on Wednesday the Council introduced a resolution that would prohibit “all classes of cannabis establishments, distributors and delivery services, including cultivators, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, cannabis testing facilities, medical cannabis dispensaries, clinical registrant or cannabis retailer, including alternative treatment centers.” A public hearing on the proposed ordinance is set for June 9.

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11 thoughts on “Cannabis Business Up in Smoke in the Village of Ridgewood ; Public Hearing June 9th

  1. The whole legalization effort is aimed at: 1. Pondering to Newark voter crowd, 2. Making sales tax $ off Newark crowd. Nothing to do with Ridgewood or other middle/upper-middle class towns. It was clear from the beginning and it’s clear now, so why is this even discussed?

  2. Maybe Belly Boy & The Girlies will now leave town!

  3. I can see where Ridgewood was against this. On one had, they consider themselves on the progressive side and would probably like to see Ridgewood support the growing movement to legal marijuana. However, on the other hand, they don’t want to tarnish the Ridgewood facade of being preppy and classy.

  4. Preppy and classy ain’t facade 🙂 I’m speaking as someone who lived in a hood longer than I would’ve liked. You truly don’t know what you have until you mingle with people who don’t have it.

    At the end of the day it’s about our kids, not us – adults. I’m sure many of my neighbors smoke weed as I do very occasionally. Yet they don’t want that garbage to be public, for kids to see.

  5. This issue should never have been put to referendum. I support all efforts to keep pot sales out of town.

  6. Who is “Belly Boy and The Girlies”?

  7. “Preppy and Classy” IS Ridgewood’s Facade…

    I’ve lived long enough to see through the “pretty trees” to see the decay underneath!

  8. Ridgewood has become a joke hahaha

  9. It’s amazing how things are changing.

  10. Belly Boy & The Girlies

    I used to love that band…

  11. Many will disagree, but how is a cannabis really any worse than alcohol? There is definitely a stigma (ie…the Cheech & Chong reference) where marijuana is concerned. I, personally, would rather deal with a chilled out high person, than a mean, nasty drunk, but that’s just me. And the medicinal effects that marijuana has are scientifically proven to help many with ailments that traditional medicines cannot. Just like any substance, be it drugs, alcohol, vape, cigarettes, food, etc.., when people choose to abuse it, that’s where many of the problems lie.

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