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Case of Highly Contagious Whooping Cough Reported in North Jersey

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Wantage Township NJ, a case of pertussis, commonly known as whooping cough, has been reported within the High Point Regional High School community, according to a letter issued by school officials on Thursday.

The letter provided limited details, omitting information about whether the affected individual is a student, teacher, or staff member at the Sussex County school. It mentioned that the state Department of Health has been informed, following the standard protocol for handling highly contagious diseases.

Symptoms of whooping cough may take up to a week to appear after exposure, initially resembling those of a common cold before progressing to intense coughing fits and a distinct high-pitched “whoop” sound during breathing.

Under state law, sixth-grade students are required to receive vaccination against whooping cough. Despite this, occasional outbreaks occur in New Jersey schools, as witnessed at Chatham Middle School in 2019. Treatment for whooping cough typically involves antibiotics, as it is caused by a bacterial infection.

While cases of whooping cough are rare, even in New Jersey, it is crucial to remain vigilant. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there were 2,388 reported cases of whooping cough nationwide in 2022, with no reported cases in New Jersey. Data for 2023 has yet to be released.

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