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>Around the Village

>TAKE A TASTE OF RIDGEWOOD!Don’t miss the Taste of Ridgewood on Sunday, May 7th. From 1 p.m. until 4 p.m., over 20 restaurants will set up sample stations along Ridgewood Aevnue from Oak Street to Broad Street. Fine wines, specialty beers and fabulous cheese samples will be available in a tent in the park, and there will be music throughout the festival area.

Public Access Channel 77 Available for Ridgewood Events Included in the Village’s franchise agreement with Cablevision for Ridgewood cable service, is the use of the Public Access Channel 77. The Channel is used by the Village to broadcast Village Council meetings and advertise Ridgewood non-profit events. The Board of Education also uses the channel to broadcast their public meetings as well as several other school related events.The Village is looking for additional apropriate quality produced video programs to air. Do you have film of Ridgewood events – artistic performance, special interview or presentation of a topic of interest to fellow Ridgewood residents? Please contact the Village Manager’s office at 201/670-5500 ext.204 to check into this opportunity and to offer any suggestions for the volunteer use of the channel.

Ridgewood’s Emergency Response Team With the resignation of Bob Greenlaw, the 3 positions he held in Emergency Management have been filled with new professionals. The new Ridgewood Emergency Management Coordinator is Brad Mason, a 20 year volunteer in emergency services and former employee of FEMA. The new Emergency Services Director is Paul Gilard, retired after 20 years on the Ridgewood Police and part time NW Bergen 911 Dispatcher. The new Center Director of NW Bergen Central Dispatch is Skip Cherven, a Ridgewood native and current Emergency Services Deputy Coordinator of the Borough of Paramus. We welcome these individuals who make a strong emergency response team for the Village of Ridgewood.

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Artist Jeffrey Terreson at C.Magor Gallery

Locales from the New York Metropolitan Area flock to see the abstract artist Jeffrey Terreson with his passionate eye for color , texture, & his intrinsic appreciation of nature.
Born in Bronxville, NY and raised in Bedford, NY, Terreson had the pleasure of knowing what he was going to do at an early age. From his kindergarten report card, noting an early aptitude for art, through his secondary schooling, Terreson excelled at art. He earned a four-year Merit Scholarship to Columbus College of Art and Design, where he rose to the top of his classes and found inspiration in his teachers and mentors: Ron Tardino, Robert Bruss, and Dennis Drummond. Upon graduation Terreson returned to New York City to begin a career as an artist. For years Terreson painted and supported himself through illustration and design, with artwork published by such nationally recognized periodicals as Time Magazine and Newsweek. After a great deal of success in the New York art scene, Terreson decided it was time to raise his four children and take his art in a new direction. He currently works in a Neo-Impressionistic painting style that embraces the textures of digital and traditional media. Terreson continues to steadily produce pieces, based on his original roots as a painter, while exploring and integrating elements of mixed media. An Artist StatementEver since I can remember, design has been my touchstone. It is where I begin and the guide I consult. Design is the core of all my work, the very center of my initial connection.The impulse to create grabs me at any moment of the day. An obscure image from a newspaper, how the sun hits a shape, the angle of a shadow. It is almost a beloved curse. The isolation of nature in its environment. The natural graphic. This is when I already see a design in a single rock, tree, water, person, or shape. Whatever it is, it becomes isolated by its place in the environment –a simple design just sitting there…and the rest disappears. Like Waveny Park Pink, on my website; I did not see trees creating a canopy, I saw verticals. Strong verticals. I saw it the first time I went there ten years ago. I did not see leaves on the woodland floor; I saw a background that placed those verticals, and a pink one at that. The vision and image captured me and I had to record it. There is no choice. For me, the image always triggers the challenge. First, I pencil in a rough sketch to remind me where I am going. I use archival paper or canvas, which I have either adhered to hardboard or stretch on a frame. The under painting is the foundation of my art. It includes blocking out the colors and choosing the various textures: gel medium, sand, wax, thick and heavy paint. The textures may be digitally inspired, or physically created. Once the under painting is in place, I breathe life into my work with oils. I love the texture of oils. And I love color; it is an ally. I love moving it around, layering it into the textures, setting up verticals and horizontals against each other. I find myself intent on moving the process outside of my initial box of reference and into the impressionistic field that defines what I do. I also look for inspiration from other artists. Pearls in the ocean of art, like Mark English, Robert Heindel, and other impressionists who influence my vision, my structure, the application of technique and materials, as well as the interpretation and drive toward impressionism. When I stay with a challenging design, or uncover an intuitive sense of color, when I struggle fluidly and push myself to where I haven’t been before, then I embrace a sense of success rising from the pure elation of the creative process. I love what I do. -Jeffrey Terreson

Terrson’s current show May 18th – June 5th 2006
C.Magor Gallery Gala Opening: Thursday May 18th 5pm-9pm
21 OakStreet Gala Opening :Saturday May 20th 2006 5 pm- 9pm
Ridgewood, NJ 07450
(201)670-0555 Wine, cheese & entertainment.

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>No Comments on the Great Debate?


bored with it all said...
Ho hum. A very poor turnout; only 10 people in the audience and most of them were from the League of Women Voters.

As expected, “What should be done with Pease Library?” was one of the 3 prepared League of Women Voters questions. The League really needs to let that issue go and move on to something else. The same question was presented to candidates in 2004; I’ve heard quite enough about Pease Library, thank you.

Also as expected, Mancuso and Pfund both read their answers from carefully prepared scripts; very few candid comments from either.

No startling revelations. One member of the public challenged Papietro on his plan to turn Ridgewood Avenue into a one-way street heading westbound. Other questions from the floor focused on parking and leadership in the public safety departments.

Friction between candidates was non-existent.

I give this Candidates’ Night a 1 star rating out of 5.

8:54 AM

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>fly on the wall

>The Ridgewood Blog has also been informed by various sources the many people in the Village Hall think it is “NO BIG DEAL” that the Taxpayers were forced to pay $30 thousand for a certain date gone wrong. Our suggestion is that if it is “NO BIG DEAL” simply write a check out of your own account and refund the taxpayers . Thanks we are waiting …….

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The RRC Blog rides to my rescue


The Ridgewood News, a smaller, less important rag of the leftist North Jersey Media Group, declared war on the Ridgewood Blog ( today. Dismissing the proprietor of that website and it’s posters as a bunch of anti government grumblers, the Ridgewood News promoted its own version of a blog. The promotion of their own blog underlines the real reason for the attack. The Ridgewood News is losing circulation to the bloggers and ad dollars are very dependent on circulation numbers. And another problem that is worrisome to the Ridgewood News is the fact that the Ridgewood Blog scooped them on a number of issues. The blog uses the input of the entire community instead of a small set of reporters looking for a story (and usually missing the elephant in the room). Having those types of resources is priceless and the paper knows it.The Ridgewood News editorial writer delighted in the fact that the Ridgewood Blog was banned from the computers of village hall. They pointed out that this did not surprise them as the blog used “anonymous” postings from people. Sadly, the paper missed the point again. Anonymous or not, a lot of people are upset with the way the village is being handled. Dismissing the posters as a bunch of anonymous crack pots misses the real story. Oh and by the way, the editorial in the Ridgewood News was unsigned.So the battle is joined. On the one hand is old media, with an ever shrinking stream of revenue and readers on one side, and new media emerging and engaging the public in a way that the news papers could never do. The real issue here is control of information. The Ridgewood News is no longer the only game in town. And if it keeps this attitude up, it won’t be in town much longer.

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>"Mutual Aid " by local Fire Departments

>In fact anonymous is incorrect in his/her statment about our fire department responding on a first call basis to other towns. All of the surrounding towns have their own fire departments and only request “mutual aid” from Ridgewood FD when they have a fire that requires additional resources above and beyond what they have available. Just as the Ridgewood FD makes requests to those towns volunteer fire departments when they have a problem that requires additional resources. These agreements are in effect to protect the property and lives of the residents of all towns involved. The definition of “mutual aid” is that both parties have the same relationship with one another for assistance. In fact the Ridgewood Fire Department responds to very few of these calls per year (Probably around 1% of total call volume). I saw on the blog just today that there was a fire on Washington Place. What is not seen in the photos is that there are at least three other fire departments assisting Ridgewood’s fire department. I drove by and saw Ramsey’s fire department there as well as on my way home saw the Hohokus and Allendale fire departments at our fire headquarters. I wonder whether they should charge Ridgewood for their services for this small fire? It is my hope that the residents who read this blog and comments realize that we residents are lucky that we have some of the best public safety services in the area. There are some towns around us that have a hard time just getting an ambulance to a sick person and a fire truck to a fire most of the time. Thanks for your time and letting me clarify this error.