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CDC Shortens Recommended Quarantine Time for People Infected with COVID-19

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Washington DC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is cutting its recommended isolation time for people infected with COVID-19 from 10 to five days, as long as they are asymptomatic.

The agency said on Monday that change applies to everyone, regardless of vaccination status and that after the five days is up, people should wear a mask around other people at all times for another five days.

Additionally, CDC said it was shortening the recommended quarantine to five days for people who are unvaccinated or vaccinated but not boosted if they are exposed. For people who are vaccinated and boosted, CDC said there’s no need to quarantine.


6 thoughts on “CDC Shortens Recommended Quarantine Time for People Infected with COVID-19

  1. follow the science…. or follow the politics.
    get over this covid BS

  2. Achoo! Omicron is a cold virus. Should I get it I will grab a box of Kleenex, drink hot soup, filtered water, orange juice and rest. For centuries millions of people get a winter cold virus every year. Nobody rushes themselves to emergency for a cold except the jab happy, booster happy woke fools who believe Dr. Frankenstein Fauci.

  3. Did you get the Covid,????


  4. Politics
    Biden promised to shut down the virus w federal vaccine mandates. Now puts responsibility on individual states. Complete flip-flop. Biden and other libs including MSM continue to blame the unvaccinated yet it is the vaccinated who are contracting and spreading the virus. Looking fwd to midterms w repubs taking back the House and Senate, pushing out McConnell and impeaching Biden.

  5. Leave it to the teachers union to take advantage of this nothing burger and attempt to shut things down. They’ve all been campaigning and even encouraging kids to be ready for the “pivot”…overused word. Pathetic.

    Thank you Dr.Gorman for your reasonable letter. Stay the course, and remember…

    Those who can…do. Those who can’t…teach.

  6. No longer politically expedient.
    Time to wind this scamdemic down.

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