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Cho Hasn’t Moved Beyond Photo Ops


Cho Hasn’t Moved Beyond Photo Ops

Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

We’re already grappling with a selfie presidency, Save Jerseyans.

Why would we want another selfie congressman?

NJ-05 Challenger Roy Cho apparently hopes you’re willing to give it a try. He’s a committed liberal, no doubt about it, but I’ve also said that he’s a “false choice” because he either (1) stakes out positions to make himself seem more palatable – like backing Israel and demonstrating it with a visit – but his rhetoric won’t amount to anything given his party’s growing anti-Israel orientation, or (2) he goes radio silent altogether.

Even as our men and women head into harm’s way?

2 thoughts on “Cho Hasn’t Moved Beyond Photo Ops

  1. I looked at the title of this post very quickly and I thought I read “Che”.

  2. He seems like a decent guy but he’ll still lose by 10%

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