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Christie “Its My Party Too” Whitman , Told its Not your Party ,get Lost

Christine Todd Whitman

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, The NJ Conservative GOP has called for Christie Todd Whitman to be asked to leave the Republican Party. “Whitman is out of control with her contemptible remarks regarding our successful President Donald Trump, calling him a dictator and saying he has no regard for the Constitution! Whitman has been a constant degrading critic of the President. Her most recent remarks go beyond the pale, and her ugly hateful assertions have NO place in the Republican Party. Whitman is a vile critic of President Trump, even more so than democrats Murphy, Sweeney, and Coughlin all put together. The NJ C-GOP is calling on New Jersey GOP State Chairman Doug Steinhardt to request a change of party for Whitman”.  Danielczyk said.

“Really Mrs. Whitman, the ones who truly have a woeful disregard for our Constitution is the Democrat leadership, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.  For one example is their Election Reform Bill, HR 1. It’s an unconstitutional dictatorial authoritarian power grab, which the Institute for Free SpeechAND  the A.C.L.U. both oppose!” Danielczyk retorted.

“President Trump has a positive historical record on the economy, he’s addressing the out-of-control ILLEGAL immigration problem which plagues our nation as well as the state of New Jersey, and he’s the first President in modern time working diligently to stop the trade deficit scourge, which threatens our nation’s economic well being. What is Whitman’s incredulous response to our President who is keeping his campaign promises, RESIGN!” Danielczyk continued.

“Whitman’s past political record of giving New Jersey its horrendous pension system mess, declaring as EPA Secretary that the air at the 9/11 site safe while several first responders have died from that poisonous environment, you’d think she’d be reticent on criticizing anyone no less our President. What Christie Todd Whitman doesn’t realize is that the Republican Party is no longer the Party of Ivy Tower Elite RINOs, it’s the Party of Trump!” Danielczyk declared.

“Mrs. Whitman should do the honorable thing which Iowa senior State Rep. Andy MeKean did, switch to the Democrat Party due to his strong animosity for President Trump. The NJ C-GOP is also calling on Steven Rogers who is working hard for President Trump as the leader on New Jersey’s Trump for President Advisory Board, to use his influence with Chairman Steinhard to request that Whitman have a change of Party.” Danielczyk asserted.

Christie Todd Whitman has become a reprehensible distraction to the Trump Administration here in New Jersey. We need more statements of support from NJ Republican legislators to step up and address this most unfortunate situation created by Whitman. Over 90% of New Jersey Republicans support President Trump, so Christie Todd Whitman is far out of step with her own party. It’s time for her to fill-out that change of party card.” Danielczyk concluded.

4 thoughts on “Christie “Its My Party Too” Whitman , Told its Not your Party ,get Lost

  1. She would be better governor than “sanctuary state” Murphy.

  2. Conservative Republicans Party no longer exists. What happened to free trade and zero deficits? Party of conservative values elected a serial adulterer. There is no Conservative Party. It is a trump party.

  3. Maybe I can finally respect her.

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