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Christie takes sides on N.J.’s great Taylor Ham vs. pork roll debate

Taylor Ham

Gov. Chris Christie sought to put an end to the raging culinary debate over whether what to call the Garden State’s beloved breakfast sandwich. Claude Brodesser-Akner, Read more

6 thoughts on “Christie takes sides on N.J.’s great Taylor Ham vs. pork roll debate

  1. Seems like he never missed out on his breakfast.

  2. Whatever you call it, it’s disgusting. Give me bacon any day.

  3. We’re fortunate he decided to weigh in on this debate.

  4. I have lived in NJ for 30 years. I have never ordered taylor ham or pork roll. I have never been in a restaurant with anyone who has ordered this.

    Maybe the trend has missed northern New Jersey.

  5. It’s usually ordered in bagel shops, diners, breakfast grilles, etc. IIRC, Ridgewood Hot Bagels records your order as 2ETHC-SPK-RR (on a round roll–sorry Governor!).

  6. One more area where fat boy is off point. Ween already sorted this in the early 90s. “Mama if you please, pass me the pork roll egg and cheese, if you please, on a kaiser bun”.

    It is not “ham”. It doesn’t fit the criteria. It is Pork Roll. Buy the Taylor brand, cut it thick, and fry it thoroughly. Use cheddar or jalapeno jack cheese, and two eggs on a kaiser (hard roll) roll. Pepper and ketchup to taste, mustard if you are a mutant.

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