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>Christmas Tree Pick Up Process – Is There a Better Way?

>Christmas Tree Pick Up Process – Is There a Better Way?

The Spider has observed a Village owned and operated pick up truck with one man driving throughout her neighborhood, picking up Christmas trees one by one and throwing them into the pick up truck’s bed.

Certainly, there’s got to be a more efficient and cost effective process of collecting discarded Christmas trees than sending a lone employee out driving around in a truck big enough to carry no more than a dozen trees at a time.

What happened to the days when Christmas trees were all picked up and compacted into a large sanitation truck and then dumped at the leaf compost site for shredding? Or, the days when members of the Shade Tree Department would drive a truck with the chipper/shredder in tow, and chip/shred the trees right on the spot?

Is there a reason why we’ve taken a step back in time? Gold plated bathrooms, thousands on parking meter sleeves, and now, the most inefficient and costly process of removing items left at the curb? What next Dr. Gabbert?

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