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“Clean Water Action” Goes Door to Door in Upper Saddle River

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Upper Saddle River NJ, Upper Saddle River Police , issues and important message door-to-door solicitors/canvassing. The irony is not lost to the Ridgewood blog , that while its OK to collect money for “Clean Water Action” the Toll Brothers site at Apple Ridge continues to dump run off into local water ways and hardly a politician has raised a finger, despite environmental damage to Pleasant Brook and Saddle River. 

This is an important message from the Upper Saddle River Police Department regarding door-to-door solicitors/canvassing:

The Police Department has received applications from two entities looking to solicit throughout the Borough.

1. Aptive Environmental is a residential pest control company. They indicated they would be soliciting from late April through early September.

2. Clean Water Action will be canvassing throughout the Borough during June and July. They indicated that canvassing would take place Monday-Friday, 4pm-9pm, and Saturdays, 11am-5pm.

Both entities have been provided the addresses for residents who signed up to be on the No Knock list. If you are registered on the No Knock list and a solicitor were to visit your home, please contact the Police Department.

Residents wishing to be added to the No Knock list should contact the Upper Saddle River Borough Hall and ask for the Borough Clerk, Rose Vido

2 thoughts on ““Clean Water Action” Goes Door to Door in Upper Saddle River

  1. They can knock on my door.
    I want to see the test results from the muddy water we keep seeing.
    If it’s that bad the results should prove it.
    Otherwise, it’s still just muddy water.

  2. Congressional candidate from Diatrict 5 – Frank Pallotta confirmed today in a phone conversation with me that he will be conducting independent water testing of the muddy sediment in Pleasant Brook. Kudos to Mr. Pallotta to express desire to get dirty in this muddy fight for power, money and circa 300 housing units in USR. Both Apple Ridge and One Lake Street projects will bring Toll a Brothers close to $500,000,000 in gross real estate sales……….
    More details here

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