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“Climate Change ” Can No Longer Be and Excuse for Poor Planning in Bergen County

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, there is nothing more ridiculous than claiming “climate change” as a reason for poor planning  . Forced over development, including turf fields in floodplains  is a function of greed , and stupidity . Everyone, living or dead, knew the Ridgewood high school field flooded every time it rained . This has been documented since the school was built in 1895.

The problem has been exacerbated by the multitude of turf fields that line the Ho-Ho-Kus brook and Saddle River . Saddle River had massive flooding problems in the 1970’s and was eventually widened to increase water flow and reduce flooding .

If you add the massive high density housing projects all over Ridgewood and the county drainage becomes a significant issue .

A short glimpse at the historical and geologic record would suggest ,yes climate changes , just ask the dinosaurs . George Washington dealt with 7 feet of snow in Morristown in 1777. Dust Bowl in the 1930’s was a period of severe dust storms that greatly damaged the ecology and agriculture of the American and Canadian prairies . 1938 New England Hurricane (aka the Long Island Express)  was one of the deadliest and most destructive tropical cyclones to strike Long Island, New York, and New England. The storm made landfall as a Category 3 hurricane on Long Island on September 21. Its called weather !

a reader said ,“FActual definition . . . . 100-year flood plain (FEMA Flood zone designation “Class A”) – a 1% chance of annual flooding. The above definition is incorrect but used colloquially.

Why have we experienced more frequent flooding and greater flood magnitude? To start with, we have climate change impacts, but I’m not going to debate that here. The science is clear on this point . Unfortunately, we have allowed ourselves to hardscape every square inch we can with little consideration to run-off impacts. Yes, our government needs NOT to issue those variances for oversized houses on little lots (I’m aware there are stormwater retention requirements, but they are insufficient). However, property owners can do a great deal to ensure their properties are not contributing to the problem . . . they can direct their downspouts to absorption areas on their properties (not have them dump into your driveways), get a rain barrel, plant more trees, get an impervious surface driveway, and build green roofs on commercial buildings. Much more can be done in terms of individual responsibility.

I don’t believe that any flood control/remedial actions would meet the federal government’s requirements under a cost-benefit analysis. In other words, it is unlikely the federal government would provide direct assistance. Locally, desnagging the Ho-Ho-Kus brook and Saddle River would likely help as would raising the bridge at the high school. Local governments CAN receive federal funds through the Flood Mitigation Assistance Program, which provides grants for projects that reduce or eliminate the risk of repetitive flood damage to buildings insured by the National Flood Insurance Program. I am sure there are a plethora of federal grants that could be applied for to provide for local initiatives to address localized flooding.”



20 thoughts on ““Climate Change ” Can No Longer Be and Excuse for Poor Planning in Bergen County

  1. Captain Jack and Fast Eddie !

    When asked Jacob Brown said that he didn’t want the BF infield turfed. Jacob was a smart man.

  2. James, I agree 1,000%. I have been saying these turf fields in a flood zone have would have been a big problem and have been proven to be a complete disaster. However, we should keep in mind that any bad planning is actually very much exaggerated by climate change – meaning, if there are huge storms taking place more and more often over the course of 50 years – the bad planning will indeed cause these huge disasters to happen more and more often. So sad. And bad planning causes permanent ongoing cleanup costs…

    1. there is zero evidence of that “huge storms taking place more and more often over the course of 50 years”

  3. James, climate change absolutely does lead to more severe weather. Warmer global temperatures means more heat events, drought and wild fires. Warmer air also holds more water, which leads to increased precipitation and more flooding. We can definitely see changes over the last 50 yrs.

    1. the historical and geologic record would refute that

  4. I always find it laughable how when you point out some weather pattern that discredits climate change, you get the climate cultists tell you that you current weather is not an indicator. However, these same people always use it when it somehow fits their agenda.

    Climate Change is the biggest fraud ever committed in modern human times. The idiots that like to point to “the science” have absolutely no idea just how manipulated they are.

  5. “Climate Change is the biggest fraud ever committed in modern human times.”

    Just as big as acid rain, global winter, etc. S*cks when you’re old enough to remember the previous scams.

    I was in college during the “population bomb” scam. I was going to stop pipe smoking, but then figured what the hell, since I’m going to be dead by 1980 anyway………………..

  6. Faber Field ALERT: This is what your present and future taxpayer dollars are being used for residents of Glen Rock. Covering Faber Field with Turf in a flood zone near the beautiful (Ida flooded) Thielke Arboretum and beautiful (Ida flooded) homes nearby Diamond Brook and its neighboring pond. Local homeowners should file a Cease & Desist order on the Turf construction at the same time they file their FEMA claims while paying out of pocket to have their homes repaired from the water damage. Where is all the water going to drain to next to the pool and municipal dump? Watch out, it’s only gonna get wor$e!

  7. If you believe in “Climate Change” I have some magic beans to sell you.

  8. Citizen and other fields are better for turf and then RHS, Steven and Maple must be changed th Grass

  9. “If you believe in “Climate Change” I have some magic beans to sell you.”

    ISTR several years ago, that NASA put something in an article about how the earth would end in several billion years. They took it out because they said it was not their purpose to scare people.

    It reminds me of the iceball theory that scared all of us reading science books when we were kids; something like that the earth would turn into an iceball in 50,000 years or thereabouts…….

  10. Look I don’t know if it’s climate change or not, but for one thing all these books need to be dredged. We have to remember all the building that’s going on in our area have removed trees and earth that used to absorb water. Now it runs off into the road . And it’s just gonna get worse, look up Paramus all the farmland is gone and all those areas are flooding.

  11. “Paramus farmland” …is that like Jumbo Shrimp…?

  12. ““Paramus farmland” …is that like Jumbo Shrimp…?”

    Oh, no, it was for real. Lots of this area was farms until well after WWII.

    And driving up 17 at night was like driving thru a forest in some places.

    1. Celery and onion farms

  13. Instead of settling the climate change question, why can’t the creek be dredged?

    1. its called proper planning

  14. I remember back in the 1970’s when the libtard mainstream media was warning us about the coming ice age.
    How’d that work out for you douch-bag liberal media folks?
    Weather has CYCLES. period. get over it

  15. The climate change hoax is a very powerful one. It all relies upon making people believe that are somehow more intelligent. To question or doubt it puts you at risk of appearing stupid, losing friends, even risking your marriage and relationships with your kids. People like to say “follow the science”, but have no real knowledge about what this science consists of. The science is cherry-picked and comes from so-called experts who have a very vested interest in being on the climate change side. Politicians and celebs also have to join in, otherwise they risk being ostracized. There is a very powerful group who are using climate change to further their financial interests, as well as our foreign energy competitors that absolutely don’t want us to be entergy independent.

  16. Ridgewood girls moved their soccer game this Saturday from Somerville to Bergen Cty Tech in Hackensack.

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