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Closter Business Owner Allegedly Sent Bomb to Intimidate a Business Associate

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Closter NJ, a Closter New Jersey business owner is facing allegations of constructing an explosive device and placing it at a residence in Westchester County.

On Thursday morning in Bedford, New York, a gas can rigged to explode using firework tubing was discovered on a driveway. The criminal complaint unfolds a startling narrative, accusing Damjan Stanivukovic from Closter, New Jersey, and an accomplice of deploying the explosive device to intimidate a business associate.

Remarkably, the box containing the device survived the explosion, revealing Stanivukovic’s address. Bedford police promptly involved the FBI, leading to a search of Stanivukovic’s Closter residence. The search uncovered a book titled “Make Fireworks and Explosive at Home,” along with additional evidence and firearms.

Utilizing license plate reader data, federal agents traced the suspect’s journey from Bergen County to Westchester. The intended recipient received a text message stating, “This is your final warning,” shortly before the device, housed in the box, detonated on his driveway.

The suspect and the purported target were engaged in a protracted legal dispute. Fortunately, there were no injuries, and property damage was minimal.


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4 thoughts on “Closter Business Owner Allegedly Sent Bomb to Intimidate a Business Associate

  1. Korean gang stuff.

    1. Stanivukovic doesn’t sound Korean to me. Plus there was no mention of the bomb being laced with Kimchi (you can’t get that smell out of anything! (I mean, if we’re gonna get all racial)).

      Also, pro tip: don’t use your home computer to search for bomb making recipes. That’s what the public library is for. Amateurs.

      1. or put your return address on a package with a bomb in it LOL

  2. Amazing,

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