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Collision Topples Traffic Light in Midland Park

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photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook page

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Midland Park NJ, Two (2) SUVs collided at the intersection of Erie Avenue and Franklin Avenue, Midland Park just before 9 PM on Thursday, 09/08. Both vehicles were heavily damaged and had to be removed from the scene by separate flatbed tow trucks. A traffic light was downed during the collision; a front end loader owned and operated by the Borough of Midland Park lifted it off one (1) of the crashed SUVs. A Midland Park EMS ambulance crew transported an adult driver to The Valley Hospital with a non-life threatening injury; the other driver was shaken, but uninjured. There appeared to have been no passengers in either vehicle. Midland Park firefighters attended to crash related fluid spills, and made both vehicles “safe” prior to their respective removal. The accident investigation was handled by Midland Park Police officers.

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2 thoughts on “Collision Topples Traffic Light in Midland Park

  1. Both intersections are extremely dangerous.
    Put up proper red lights and all the issues go away.

  2. Stop speeding drivers are irresponsible then the accidents will stop. Drive responsibly

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