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>Concerned Citizens of Ridgewood encourages residents to attend Valley meeting

>Letter: CRR encourages residents to attend Valley meeting

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2011     
CRR encourages residents to attend meetings
To the editor:
It’s been five long years since this odyssey began, and we need you to come to the next one or two meetings to show the Village Council what Ridgewood thinks of Valley’s massive expansion. The next meeting is Thursday, Nov. 3 and they need to see you there. If you haven’t been able to attend the meetings, let me catch you up.
The Village Council is hearing from the same experts as the Planning Board, but they are asking their own questions. The Village Planner told us he didn’t know if the size of the property was a factor in the hospital expert’s views that Renewal is right-sized. The traffic engineer said the road system around Valley fails today, and this isn’t the right location for the hospital’s existing operations. The hospital expert the Planning Board hired doesn’t routinely work for municipalities and his clients have primarily been hospitals looking to advance their “master plans.” The geo-technical expert said the removal of 500,000 gallons of groundwater per day from the construction site “will stress the aquifer” and that 22,000 truck loads of bedrock and soil would need to be removed to allow construction. All this subterranean activity is despite a towering 94 foot building height. This indicates we have already reached the proverbial “tipping point” the planning board hearings determined would be obvious to all “once reached.”
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