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Concerns about civil liberties in the air as Bergen seeks to use drones

Drone Surveillance

JUNE 23, 2015, 3:57 PM    LAST UPDATED: TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 2015, 10:19 PM

Bergen County’s recent bid to be the first county in New Jersey to add drones to its toolbox for handling emergencies comes amid a growing national debate over the use of unmanned flying machines by government agencies.

Leaders of the county’s emergency management operation are seeking freeholder approval to acquire two drones, which would be used for purposes ranging from finding a lost child to getting a bird’s-eye view of a fire or disaster.

Civil liberties advocates say that’s fine. But they worry that what they termed “mission creep” could open the door to other uses for the new technology and lead to questions of who is watching whom and for what purpose.

8 thoughts on “Concerns about civil liberties in the air as Bergen seeks to use drones

  1. What is it about the term “drone” that gets people all freaked out? Is it the association with war? They are simply the future of aviation. Would it make people feel any better if this same work was being done by a plane that had a human in the cockpit?

  2. Much adooo about nothing, all it is, is a mobile surveillance camera. If you have nothing to hide what does it matter? We are under watch any time we go .out of our dwellings anyway

    1. yes its called fascism

  3. No, James, totalitarianism

  4. Saudino wants more toys, guess he’s bored with the MRAP. What would be the rules of use on these? Who’s liable if it crashes and hurts people? What happens if the surveillance shows County and municipal cops acting badly, how will citizens access that footage?

  5. They will get a good laugh when they see you picking your butt while your mowing your lawn. Oh thats right you have a landscaper.

  6. Right 11:42. what happens if your partner divorce attorney wants it ? Will he or she able to access the footage.

  7. If they can fly one at RHS, then the County can fly one.

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