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Congressmen Scott Garrett : That is what July 4th means to me


Every Fourth of July our country comes together to celebrate the signing of the Declaration that would enshrine the principles of what it means to live as free people. But the signing of the Declaration of Independence was not the end of the pursuit for freedom and liberty—it was just the start.

The Revolutionary War was a long, bloody affair that endangered the property, family, and very lives of the Patriots who knew that they had no choice but to fight to defend their rights. And the subsequent years after the American Revolution were filled with many questions for this new fledgling country. It would be 11 years after July 4, 1776 until the United States Constitution was finally adopted to guarantee the rights of all Americans.

The lesson of Independence Day is that freedom is not something you declare one time and hope for the best. It’s a commitment we must, as Americans, fight for just as diligently in 2016 as the revolutionaries in 1776.

Freedom is fought for by the brave members of our armed forces who put their lives on the line to defend us. It’s fought for by our first responders who risk everything to serve their communities right here at home. And it’s fought for by everyone who is proud to live in a country that fights to end tyranny and oppression both here and abroad.

Herein lies the beauty of America. Few of us can trace our heritage in this country back to the colonial days, yet we continue to celebrate the achievements of early America. That’s because the Founders’ cries for freedom and liberty have been adopted by everyone who has made this country their home. This is the American Dream.

Our dream is about more than a place on a map or any specific of group of people. Our dream is a promise that the government is beholden to the people, and it’s a promise that every person is born free and deserves to pursue their own happiness.

That is what July 4th means to me.

Congressmen Scott Garrett

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