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Consensus Among NFL Players is Grass Over Turf


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, During his tour of the 32 NFL organizations throughout the 2023 regular season, Lloyd Howell, the executive director of the NFL Players’ Association, attentively listened to players’ concerns spanning a wide array of issues. With a membership comprising approximately 2,000 individuals, reaching a consensus to address any single matter can prove challenging.

However, Howell swiftly discerned which issue garnered the most unanimity: players’ strong preference for playing on grass fields rather than turf. “It’s undeniable that our union desires working conditions where they have the opportunity to play on natural grass,” Howell remarked on Wednesday.

A survey conducted by the NFLPA, encompassing 1,700 respondents, revealed a remarkable 92% consensus among players favoring high-quality grass over synthetic turf. Only six percent expressed indifference, according to the survey results.

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11 thoughts on “Consensus Among NFL Players is Grass Over Turf

  1. Are you listening, all you jackass sports fanatics with your baseball caps? Can you hear us now??

  2. Simple fact is that grass is much safer and there are fewer orthopedic injuries and they are not covered in toxic PFAS crumb rubber from the tire infill. They know the health hazards that are associated with it and have started to become vocal because it is their health that is being directed affected.

  3. The kids don’t know any better, they just want to be outside playing, so essentially the blame goes to the coaches/sports organizations pushing for this. Parents are most likely sheep just following along and probably don’t think that if they all banded together to say that they wanted grass that maybe change could happen. Not to mention that turf is way more expensive than grass. So this is an issue with the sports teams and parents thinking turf is so macho. Ortho docs and sport medicine docs will tell you that this is what keeps them in business. We know that turf can cause a whole lot of bad things and CDC is telling people to take a closer look at PFAS. We learned about BPA leaching chemicals into our bodies through our plastic water bottles so not sure when we will smarten up about the forever chemicals like PFAS in the crumb rubber and yes eco is bad too. We should wonder if it is so great, why are the turf companies getting sued and why are the pros screaming for grass.

    1. You could ask the same question about aluminum waste products being pumped into your drinking water. The estrogenic effects of BPA have been known since the 1930s. So … maybe someone is actively trying to poison you?

  4. How about sod.

    1. Sod is grass….

  5. Grass in the super bowl and I saw several injuries happen. One, Dre Greenlaw, with a torn achilles as he was getting ready to run onto the field.

    I agree, grass is probably better but it’s not the end of all injuries.

    1. Nobody said it was…. Nice Strawman

  6. Did anyone notice that it is going to snow on Monday night into Tuesday. That means all of the fields will be covered with snow. Who is responsible?

  7. Duh, even kids prefer “high quality grass” over synthetic. But it’s not possible to have “high quality grass” in a publicly available field. Especially in a flood zone.

    1. It would have been dry by now. By having toxic turf that bubbles up and you could pop it with a pin, what are we achieving. At this point, no one can touch it until the turf company figures out how to clean it, then repair or replace it, wasting time, money and it doesn’t make sense that the braintrust that is the BOE keep coming up with a solution that is not working. We are making wrong decisions over and over again. Is grass going to be the solution that will fix all of the problems, maybe not, but turf definitely will not and has been proven over the last few storms to be the WORST idea that is only benefitting the turf company making serious money off of us.

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