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Could A Democratic Corruption Scandal Help Repeal ObamaCare?


ED MORRISSEYPosted at 12:01 pm on August 18, 2017

Remember Robert Menendez? The Democratic Senator from New Jersey has kept a relatively low profile since being indicted in early 2015on corruption charges, perhaps hoping to play out the clock. His effort to stave off a trial by using the Speech or Debate Clause ran aground at the Supreme Court in April, and the scene will shift to the courtroom in just under three weeks.

So far, Menendez has steadfastly proclaimed his innocence and refused to resign. A conviction for corruption will leave no choice but to vacate his seat, and as Shane Goldmacher reports at the New York Times, that will have consequences far beyond the electoral complications. With Chris Christie able to appoint an interim replacement, Democrats worry that Mitch McConnell might finally get the 50 votes he needs to repeal ObamaCare once and for all:

One thought on “Could A Democratic Corruption Scandal Help Repeal ObamaCare?

  1. Q: “Could A Democratic Corruption Scandal Help Repeal ObamaCare?”

    A: No

    1. Democrats are way too corrupt, way too shameless, way too ideological to a) admit Menendez is wrong, b) admit Obomacare is a failure and is about to implode c) serve the people over the party by replacing Obamacare with something that actually works

    2. Republicans are too spineless to a) do the right thing for the people since they will then face the wrath of the media and the far left violent agitators, b) support the president since he is not a get-along-go-along establishment lackey

    3. Mitch McConnell is a useless individual who cannot rally the Republicans in the Senate to do what they have been promising to do for the last 8 years (and he also does not want to repeal Obamacare)

    4. Chris Christie is just mad enough at the president to appoint a Republican Senator who will NOT support his agenda.


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