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Councilwomen Gwenn Hauck : “Its our job to speak for all citizens”

gwenn hauck

Its our job to speak for all citizens. Misinformation and vitriol should not be used to intimidate council members. The way this blog attacks only Paul, Albert and myself, and never any of the others, illustrates the hypocrisy of your accusations. Why can’t we all work together to try to serve Ridgewood, instead of attacking people you disagree with?

Gwenn Hauck
Submitted on 2015/06/27 at 9:14 am

Councilwoman Hauck: And the fact Chris Harris of The Record bases his articles entirely on what is spoon fed to him by Paul, and never checks nor obtains quotes from any other elected officials, isn’t a form of hypocrisy in and of itself? Your faction controls The Record and the opposing faction controls this blog. Suck it up and get used to it honey.

Your track record indicates that you most certainly do not speak for all citizens. Most citizens were in favor of installing sidewalks on Clinton Avenue. You sided with a small minority. Most citizens disapproved of the Garber Square project. You went ahead with it anyway. Give it a rest. We are onto your method of operation.

So it’s okay for Hauck and the 2 other nitwits to attack Knudsen publicly, but when someone returns the favor, she says we should all work together? Talk about a hypocrite.

Ms. Hauck :From the standpoint of a very long time council observer, you have done little, if anything, to foster the idea you “speak for all citizens.” You backed (and no doubt continue to do so) a non-tax paying entity that is currently suing the town that it made it’s money in. Garber Square and Clinton Ave, very bad jokes, not to mention an insult to the intelligence of most people that reside here.
The primary reason you are intentionally confusing being “attacked” with criticism is simply because you are paying more attention to your personal agenda of keeping your friends happy, and NOT “speak(ing) for all citizens.

Gwen, ARE YOU FOR REAL???? You spew vitriol agains your colleagues whenever it occurs to you. We have seen you attack, belittle, malign Bernadette Walsh, Tom Riche, John Ward, Mike Sedon, Susan Knudsen. You are as nasty as nasty can be. You always attack people you disagree with. What a hypocrite you are. Do you think anyone believes your ridiculous posting? have another drink, honey, and take a nap.

Disagree. She was pulled in as a pawn and a pawn she shall stay. She has lost any vestige of self-respect by sucking up to those monsters, even attacking Mike and Susan along the way. The pre-council Gwenn, who has shown herself to be far less sweet than her blond looks, bland demeanor, and expensive clothes are meant to imply, might have thought such things, but probably wouldn’t have said them aloud in public. Weak-minded people who live for the approval of others are easily swayed to do bad things when in the wrong company, flattered by low-minded manipulators who need a stooge for their “majority vote.”

26 thoughts on “Councilwomen Gwenn Hauck : “Its our job to speak for all citizens”

  1. Nothing seems to change with the three stooges, they are stuck in rerun mode.

  2. She’s not wrong. It is their job to speak for all citizens. Whether they do that job well, i.e. accurately and consistently, is another debate entirely.

  3. Gwen is a laughable joke and an embarrassment to the village.

    “Its our job to speak for all citizens.” You don’t

    “Misinformation and vitriol should not be used to intimidate council members.” okay for you to engage in.

    “The way this blog attacks only Paul, Albert and myself, and never any of the others,” very sick statement.

    “illustrates the hypocrisy of your accusations.” illogical.

    ” Why can’t we all work together to try to serve Ridgewood, instead of attacking people you disagree with?” Did she type this with a straight face?

  4. Her letter reinforces her weakness…
    This is why the other two lead and she blindly follows.
    Very Useful.

  5. Airhead is as airhead does. She has had many opportunities to disprove the blond bimbo thing and failed.

  6. But she makes Brownies and bring them to the Council meeting.

  7. Maybe Duke will take out a full page add for his daughter asking the Ridgewood Blog not to pick on her. ( Poor Baby)

  8. Whys everbody always picking on me

  9. For Ms. Hauck: Based on the recent ruling by a tax judge regarding Morristown Memorial Hospital and paying taxes on the property they own in that town, why should Valley continue not paying taxes in Ridgewood ? How is Valley not paying taxes on all of their properties “serving Ridgewood?” Would you vote for them to start paying ? If not, why not ?

  10. Great questions 8:45. If Mike and Sue don’t have anything else to bring up, they should ask these questions in the next Council meeting. And also why taxpayers should have to pay for 100% of the proposed parking garage as per the non-binding referendum to bond up to $15mn in parking utility revenues… if its such a great idea, why aren;t the business owners in the CBD sharing the cost burden of building this with Village taxpayers? They’ll provide better oversight, keep an eye out for cost overruns and “slippage” that always seems to happen when the Village builds or refurbishes anything, and it could be a win-win public-private partnership. If I were Sue and Mike I’d ask these questions.

  11. I’m sorry to say 9:23 that the business owners do pay their share either directly as owners of the real estate or as tenants via their rent, which is in turn paid by their landlord. That said, a downtown business district improvement authority could be impaneled to charge merchants an annual fee for such things as seasonal decorations, added municipal services such as street cleaning and paying for the proposed parking garage. Fort Lee does it, look into amigos.

  12. Saying it is one thing, doing it is another. This has to be one of the most hypocritical statements I have ever read.

  13. S Frapz, if a garage creates value for business owners in the CBD then they should be participating in the cost to build it just like they pay rent or mortgage interest and property taxes on the property they use to conduct business. Agreed they should also be assessed annual fees on the parking garage for maintenance, upkeep and street cleaning in and around the garage because the garage will be complementary to their business. Paul and Albert better look in to it, especially if Fort Lee has already set a precedent.

  14. If tax payers will already have to pay to USE the garage, why are they paying 100% of the cost to BUILD it? That’s win-win for the business owners and completely ignores the fiduciary responsibility the Village and Council have to local taxpayers.

  15. Now listen to me, all of you. You are all condemned men. We keep you alive to serve this ship. So row well, and live.

  16. James you hit bottom with this scurrilous personal attack on Gwenn Hauck. This is yellow journalism at is worst. Worse, this is Pravda journalism at is best. You repeat The Big Lie thinking you will fool people into believing it. The Residents of Ridgewood are too smart for your antics. You can serve a useful role in presenting the Right Wing perspective on developments in Ridgewood, and hopefully succeed in fostering a healthy debate on issues affecting us. Focus on the issues and not personalities.

    1. She said what she said : Its our job to speak for all citizens. Misinformation and vitriol should not be used to intimidate council members. The way this blog attacks only Paul, Albert and myself, and never any of the others, illustrates the hypocrisy of your accusations. Why can’t we all work together to try to serve Ridgewood, instead of attacking people you disagree with?

      Gwenn Hauck
      Submitted on 2015/06/27 at 9:14 am

  17. Rurik you are absolutely pitiful with your schoolboy crush on Ms. Hauck. All your big words and pompous posturing do not conceal the fact that you are basically drooling over her and hanging on her every word. Please try to get past the fact that she gives full-frontal hugs to every senior citizen man she meets, yourself included. Please try to focus on the issues, and the issue here is that Ms. Hauck is completely incompetent as well as disrespectful. She attacks anyone who gets in her way. She is as nasty as Maleficent. . She reads, yes READS, most of her comments when she is at meetings. It seems that someone is sending texts or emails to her because if you watch her on the USTREAM you will see that she is reading rather than speaking extemporaneously. And….on the few occasions when she does say something unscripted, it is rambling and nonsensical. James quoted her exactly from her own email, one that she either wrote herself or someone wrote for her. How in the world can you criticize James for this? Take a cold shower, Rurik, you will feel better after your hormones calm down.

  18. I have always maintained the Blog represents, to a great extent, the filthy, stinking, underbelly of Ridgewood and you are Exhibit A, 3:28 pm. Plus you are a coward to boot making these awful accusations hiding behind Anonymous. You should be ashamed of yourself, if shame is something you know anything about. What a great day it will be if James is forced to release the identity of his commentators. What fun it will be seeing awful people like you scurrying into your rat holes.

  19. People fear the blog. People revere the blog. The blog is all-powerful. The BLOG is GOD.

  20. Mr. Halaby: I certainly don’t represent “the filthy, stinking, underbelly of Ridgewood,” and this blog has become more objective in it’s opinions than the “establishment” in Ridgewood wants to give it credit for. Be that as it may, would you like to opine on the comment made above on June 30th at 8:45 ? And for a change, try to be even somewhat objective.

  21. 7:23 – He cannot answer objectively. His wife is very involved with THE Valley.

  22. Well, most is not all of the time I vehemently disagree with Rurik but he has the cojones to post is opinions under his name instead of hiding, as well as speak at the council meetings, warts and all (and a whole lot of warts). It’s either that or Anonymous is the most popular last name in Ridgewood. Maybe the 10 curmudgeons on this site that post the usual crap can bloviate posting their name and maybe speak at a council meeting… and by the way, I also think Councilperson Hauck is in the tank, want her out and I am not afraid to post my name to say so…. Rurik, hope you had a good UK visit.

  23. And Rurik, yet again I disagree with you… and look forward to more disagreements…James is very democratic in posting comments and stories, I would love to see what he wont post…

  24. Rurik – Why is it OK for you to attack Michael Sedon and Susan Knudsen but it is not OK for anyone to criticize Gwenn?

    Gwenn – Why is it OK for you to attack Mike, Susan, Bernie, Tom, and the chief of police, but no one is allowed to attack you, Paul, or Albert?

    Perhaps, Gwenn, the reason there are so many criticisms of you and your two buddies on this BLOG is because you and your two buddies deserve all the criticism. Did you ever think of that?

  25. The only reason one would post an anonymous comment regarding Valley is fear of retaliation. Maybe the person is employed there, knows someone who does, may have to use the hospital some day, whatever. If you take the Valley position, which is certainly rare, you don’t have to worry about it.
    The important thing is that the comment is relative to the discussion. I could care less how someone signs their name.

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