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Critics of Bergen County prosecutor told to take issues to N.J. attorney general


OCTOBER 2, 2015    LAST UPDATED: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2015, 12:24 AM

The day after a tumultuous county freeholder meeting attended by critics seeking the ouster of Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli, Freeholder Chairwoman Joan Voss said those concerns should be taken to the state.

“If they have an issue, they should go to the attorney general,” Voss said Thursday, noting the attorney general oversees all county prosecutors.

“The Freeholder Board can’t do anything,” she added. “It’s the prerogative of the attorney general.”

Bill Brennan — a former firefighter who runs a Facebook page critical of Molinelli — and several others attended Wednesday’s meeting to call on the board to pass a resolution requesting the attorney general take over the Prosecutor’s Office due to a crisis in public confidence. Brennan said Thursday that state law would allow it; Voss said she has not had a chance to talk with the board attorney.

“Their stubborn refusal to act is myopic,” said Brennan. “They must know they have this authority and if they didn’t know there’s ample opportunity to investigate it. I want them to act in accordance with the law.”

One thought on “Critics of Bergen County prosecutor told to take issues to N.J. attorney general

  1. Why did the Bergen County prosecutor fail to pursue or obtain an indictment of the woman motorist who, taking a left hand turn off of Oak street, recklessly struck and killed the pedestrian minister who was crossing Franklin Avenue and had the right of way? A tow truck operator who was right there on the scene as an eyewitness explained to this commenter the aggressive actions of this woman prior to striking the minister and it is a miracle that she was not indicted.

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