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>Cross Walk Safety : This specific location is all because of excessive speed

>Cross Walk Safety : This specific location is all because of excessive speed

The cross walks near whole foods are a big problem because the speeds coming up Godwin Ave are so excessive and there is a bend in the road. So you can look both ways and it will be totally clear – halfway across a car comes around the bend at 55mph and you don’t have a chance at those speeds. Really it is like trying to cross a highway because of the blind curve and the excessive speeds.

In the last year there have been two cars that I know of completely flip over because of out of control speed and a few weeks ago a car lost control and hit a telephone pole and broke it in half, the car was totalled. This specific location is all because of excessive speed. And the police do not sit on this bend – they sit at citizens park and at the Mobile gas station. The cars leave the light at lincoln and speed until the reach the light at Wisley Square.

This location has many accidents and it is all speed related, it is also has heavy foot traffic because of the schools, train, whole foods, shops and restaurants. This specific location needs real speed control and real traffic calming put in place to deter the speeds because the recommended speed is 20 mph and the average speed is between 45 and 55 mph. Just generalizing and saying watch out does not apply in this specific situation.

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