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Dairy Queen is Coming Back to Ridgewood

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photos courtesy of International Dairy Queen

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, International Dairy Queen will be opening a new store at 168 East Ridgewood Avenue in Ridgewood, NJ 07450-3848. Currently the companies website says just,  “coming soon” .This is Dairy Queen’s second appearance in Ridgewood . Ridgewood once has a Dairy Queen in what used to be called the Kings Shopping Mall off Maple Avenue .

Currently near Ridgewood there is one store in Wyckoff and one in Twp. of Washington

Old timers might remember Ridgewood Baseball and Football teams used to visit Dairy Queen after a game in the 70’s and a player who hit a home run would receive a “Home run Sunday “.

Dairy Queen is an American chain of soft serve ice cream and fast food restaurants owned by International Dairy Queen, Inc. which also owns Orange Julius, and formerly owned Karmelkorn and Golden Skillet Fried Chicken. Its corporate offices are in Bloomington, Minnesota.

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9 thoughts on “Dairy Queen is Coming Back to Ridgewood

  1. Are you referring to “Magic Fountain” that used to be in the Kings shopping center? I don’t remember that being a DQ. I do remember that Magic Fountain was closed after it came to light that they sold more than ice cream…… if you knew, you knew wink wink

    1. yes, it was a Dairy Queen before it was a Magic Fountain

  2. Wow never knew it was a DQ before the Magic Fountain. What year did DQ leave?

  3. The is a store in the Allendale shopping center by the Acme.

  4. Another ice cream joint.

    1. Not just another ice cream store. Soft serve, blizzards….

  5. Big deal, I’ll go to the grocery store

  6. Great love DQ
    Better and more affordable than Kilwins or those woke libs Ben and Jerry.

    1. That’s gonna make me go to Ben and Jerry’s even more. It’s ice cream, not politics, ya doof.

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