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Dead Whales Mar Beautiful Weekend at the Jersey Shore

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photo courtesy of Portraits of the Jersey Shore Facebook Group 

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Long Branch NJ,  this beautiful weekend several dead whales washed up on NJ beaches.

Dead humpback whales washed ashore on the New Jersey coast Saturday night, marking the latest whale death in an unusual mortality event that has resulted in hundreds of fatalities on the East Coast since 2016—a problem scientists have blamed partly on ships and fishing nets.

According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration it’s the 29th this year and New Jersey has recorded the most of any coastal state, with seven—eight including Saturday’s—followed by Virginia, New York and Massachusetts, which had all recorded six as of Friday.

These discoveries have prompted a debate over whether or not ships conducting mapping for offshore wind farms could be interfering with whale sonar.

Some people speculate that the increase in whale deaths is tied to the noise of offshore wind energy development, though NOAA and the Mammal Stranding Center have both continued to deny that claiming there is no scientific evidence of that. NOAA has said that while the sounds “might disturb a marine mammal’s behavior,” the sounds would have lower levels and shorter duration, which are tied to less severe impacts.


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2 thoughts on “Dead Whales Mar Beautiful Weekend at the Jersey Shore

  1. Kind of a cheeky bathing suit, no ?

  2. Check out Michael Shellenberger’s documentary about “green” energy bribing environmental groups that enable this slaughter.

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