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Defending searches, security director says ‘every school has drugs in it’


Defending searches, security director says ‘every school has drugs in it’

November 3, 2014

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Charlie Brown, security director for West Michigan’s Rockford school district, believes “every school had drugs in it.”

That’s why Rockford schools and numerous others in the area employ the services of Interquest Detection Canines of Michigan, Inc. – to search out illegal substances in school, such as drugs, weapons and other prohibited items, reports.

And the dogs are quite effective.

Records obtained by the news site through public information requests shows Interquest has discovered more than 86 prohibited substances or items in area schools since 2011. The finds are mostly alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and drug paraphernalia, but the dogs have also discovered other prohibited items like cap guns and fireworks, reports.

The Interquest dogs, Golden Retrievers, have even found marijuana pipes made of fruit, and alcohol sealed in plastic food containers.

“It’s not about busting them, it’s about them not having it,” Byron Center High School Principal Scott Joseph told the news site.

And students in some schools have more things they’re not supposed to than others.

Searches at Forest Hills high and middle schools revealed 28 student code violations, while searches at nearby Grandville schools netted 26 violations. Searches at Kentwood schools turned up 22 violations, and those at Byron Center produced 10 violations. The dogs only found two violations at Rockford schools, and came up empty pawed at East Grand Rapids, reports.

3 thoughts on “Defending searches, security director says ‘every school has drugs in it’

  1. Cops should stop worrying about the schools.

    Keep an eye on the heroin-crazed burglars. Petty crimes are being replaced with my aggressive larceny as our friends in Middlesex Ct could attest…

  2. Just where do you think these petty crimes and larceny start a lot of our nice children ale need money for drugs open your eyes.

  3. Pot is a ‘gateway’ drug.
    Every heroin addict started by smoking a joint.

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