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Delaware Riverkeeper Network Chastises Ridgewood Council Over Schedler Property Calling the Destruction of the Property a “substantially damaging environmental action”

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Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood Village Council was chastised by the Delaware Riverkeeper Network for the Village of Ridgewood signing the “Green Amendment” . In a letter to the Village Council ,the Delaware Riverkeeper Network called the planning to remove all the trees and install an artificial turf field at the the historic Schedler property ,”direct opposition the the principles outlined in the (Green amendment)”. They referred to the clear cutting of trees and putting in a turf field as a “substantially damaging environmental action”  and and finally they called the Village Council “hypocritical” for signing the amendment .

The Delaware Riverkeeper Network (DRN) is a nonprofit environmental organization that works to protect and restore the Delaware River watershed, which spans parts of four states in the northeastern United States: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. The organization was founded in 1988 by Maya van Rossum and has since become a leading voice in the fight to protect the natural resources and communities of the Delaware River Basin.

The DRN’s work includes monitoring and advocating for clean water, challenging polluters, and fighting for stronger environmental policies at the local, state, and federal levels. The organization also provides educational resources to communities and individuals in the region, with a focus on environmental and water issues.

The DRN operates through a network of staff members, volunteers, and partner organizations, and has offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

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5 thoughts on “Delaware Riverkeeper Network Chastises Ridgewood Council Over Schedler Property Calling the Destruction of the Property a “substantially damaging environmental action”

  1. And the bribes and payoffs continue… I know 1 resident who was comped a Greek dinner!

  2. The person who heads up the Delaware Riverkeeper Organization, Maya van Rossum is a true pioneer who started the Green Amendment. For them to write the Mayor and each of the Village Council members highlighting the hypocrisy of Ridgewood’s actions is true horror that will blemish the record of this council for years to come! There is nothing that Ridgewood does to walk the talk if they keep trying to please the machine that runs this place. We have a Mayor who tells us that PFAS is everywhere as if this makes it ok. And he has said it defiantly on more than one occasion, in public! Evan said he read the research but still voted for turf (obviously you didn’t) and SW just wanted that large turf field all along and is so full of BS and continues to contradict her promises like fighting for clean water and sidewalks (or maybe that just applies to her neighborhood).

  3. If you think that something I think they should get the PA involved and inspect all that dirt they brought in that built that berm. Where did that come from. You don’t think they went out and bought fresh clean fill do you.

  4. It’s all shit dirt. They should inspect it all.

  5. Ridgewood is not in the Delaware River watershed. This is comical at this point lol

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