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Delzio Complaints against Mayor Tossed by Ethics Board

Mayor Susan Knudsen

January 3,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,  In a huge victory for the mayor ,the state Local Finance Board dismissed not one but two ethics complaints against Villlage mayor, Susan Knudsen.

The first complaint, filed in February 2017 by Ridgewood resident Don Delzio, alleged that during her tenure as member of the village council, Knudsen had not alerted other village officials about potential conflicts of interest that affected members of her family financially.

Delzio alleged that Knudsen’s August 2014 vote to uphold an extant residency requirement for police officers and firefighters directly led to three of her sons obtaining positions as employees in both departments.

Then in the second complaint, Delzio alleged that, throughout the summer of 2014, Knudsen worked to delay votes in favor of redeveloping the historic Schedler property into a sports field, and that she later voted in favor of a resolution that would request county funds for the land’s preservation.

Delzio claimed this presented a direct conflict of interest, in that Knudsen’s parents own a home within 200 feet of the Schedler property.

Both allegations have been repeated many times on this blog and were resoundingly refuted .

The Local Finance Board offered the very same refutation that has been stated on this blog many times in the form of a dismissal .On the first complaint it was not their jurisdiction it was a civil service matter and on the second Delzio complaint ,there is no factual basis!


20 thoughts on “Delzio Complaints against Mayor Tossed by Ethics Board

  1. Looks like Don struck out…….twice.

  2. isn’t don a rbsa sports nut

  3. Big gas bag Don Delzio taking all these shots at the mayor, and then refusing to talk to the Record reporter. He is such a loser, as well as a liar.

  4. Election contribution records do show a donation to Susan from her father Jack, so she is in conflict on any discussion of Schedler given she took funds from someone who lives next to Schedler. Any one who disputes this doesn’t understand ethics. She should above any whiff of conflict, but instead she enriches and protects her families interested at taxpayer expense. Her three sons alone will cost Village taxpayers over $10 million combined for wages, pensions and unused sick days. It’s a Village disgrace given she worked hard to bend the rules on college degree requirements, as well as protecting the residency requirement. #selfservingmayor

  5. The Local Finance Board ruled there’s no ethics violation and zero conflict. A legal ruling even with all delzio bull info. You can be certain he left nothing out 4:50pm. Either put out your shingle or keep playing attorney and stfu. Based on your fake lawywr interpretation anyone donating to a campaign forfeits their right to representation. Applied to Aronsohn there would be two less high density multifamily housing projects soon to cost all of us taxpayers bigly. #stop450lies #fakelawyer450

  6. Looks like the same poster writing about the college degree requirements allegedly changed. There never was a requirement for a college degree unless attempting the alternate route program at the police academy. A very different program unlike Ridgewood police hires coming from a state certified civil service list. Lots of testing and rigorous training but NO college degree requirement. 450 get your facts straight before posting misinformation.

  7. The Local Finance Board ruled there’s no ethics violation. A legal ruling with all delzio bull info. You can be certain he left nothing out 4:50pm. Either put out your shingle or keep playing attorney. Based on your “legal’ interpretation anyone donating to a campaign forfeits their right to representation. Applied to Aronsohn there would be two less high density multifamily housing projects soon to cost all of us taxpayers bigly.

  8. Delzios not just a gas bag he’s a d-bag. The same d-bag who assaulted a resident in the middle of a village council meeting. And let’s not forget his connection to the halabys.
    Don Delzio, can’t handle the truth. Instead of accepting the decision you and your thugs come on this blog bashing our mayor. Shame shame shame. Loser and coward.

  9. Rumor has it aronsohn was pushing delzio and now Paulie boy is apoplectic about state vindicating knudsen while the aronsohm and sonenfeld ethics violation stands along with the fines yes, aronsohn and sonenfeld were found to be guilty.. S-onenfeld A-ronsohn D-elzio. SAD and pathetic.

  10. Susan is one of the best people I know and Mayor Knudsen has been serving the Village for years. These relentless attacks are disgusting and the newspaper is a disgrace. A state Board determined no conflicts and no ethics violations. The newspaper reports the truth while leading the reader to another conclusion. Seriously time to cancel subscriptions. The mayor and her family are good people. Thank you Mayor Knudsen!

  11. 4:50 don’t be so angry,

  12. Sometimes social media open the door to the wrong things. Let’s go with the ethics board and put this stupidity behind us and hope Mr. Delzio can do the same.

  13. Headline may not be technically correct–shouldn’t it say Finance Board, not Ethics Board?

  14. Don Delzio is an angry man who has proven his instability on repeated occasions. One can only guess how upset he is that his ridiculous complanints were dropped by the LFB

  15. Donnie is a douche…

  16. She accepted a donation from her father…seriously that should not be considered ever!!! Family is family no matter where they live.
    They are just reaching at straws because the people they support were actually charged along with Jeff Voight.

    Susan was not charged. Stick with the facts

  17. Objectively, nothing any board says will take away from the appearance that the Mayor’s family has benefitted from her time in office. Her parent’s house is right across the street from Schedler, smack in the middle on the street affected by Schedler decisions. It’s not “close to it” it’s not “nearby” it’s the epicenter. Before she was Mayor, her kids were not paid by the village. Now they will be paid by the village for the rest of their lives. There is no debate on these facts — those are her kids, that’s her parent’s house. You can debate the legality of her participation in these areas, but saying that it looks bad is really not up for debate. Those gasping right now should do the Aronsohn test: If Paul did it would you be screaming about it? Susan probably doesn’t like people implying these familial benefits, but then again, if she wanted to abide by the standard of not even appearing to have a conflict (the standard most highly ethical people like to live up to) it was completely in her control to avoid the discussion altogether. There is probably a good debate to have about whether she has let her supporters down by allowing these questions to come up in the first place rather than just doing all she could to avoid the appearance of these benefits to her family.

  18. 11:47 – agree 100 percent… Perception is reality…

  19. 11:47 Thank you for clearly explaining the issues. “Appearance” is very important and some of the things that Susan has done legally appear to have an odor. Your last sentence is also appropriate. A lot of residents are furious at her “appearance” of getting by with pushing her family members forward. Personally, though, I’m not sure that turning Schedler into a noisy baseball field will be an advantage to her family. Ask the Habernickle neighbors how “improved” they feel!

  20. Perception is not reality, except in the world of Donald Trump. The Mayor was willing to recuse herself from any conflicting actions or discussions. She sought advice from the Village Council Attorney and was told she had no conflict. If she had to, she would definitely have recused herself. This was not enough for poor pitiful Don Delzio who then threw all sorts of ridiculous claims at the Local Finance Board – and guess what, they also rejected the idea that she had violated anything. Stick to the facts you nasty people.

    You might not like our Mayor, and clearly some of you do not. But she is neither underhanded nor unethical.

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