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Delzio Seems to Have it in for Mayor Knudsen

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January 3,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, this is not the first time Delzio has had a run in with the mayor.In the past readers have accused Delzio of misogamy over his disrespectful antics at Village council meetings and in October 2015 even the Ridgewood News was forced to issues a correction on a Delzio letter.

Ridgewood News Issues Correction on claims against Councilwoman Susan Knudsen

Delzio letter to the editor published on 10/2 by The Ridgewood News

Councilwoman has clear conflict


Councilwoman Susan Knudsen acknowledged two weeks ago that she had recused herself from further council votes on Schedler Park. She did so through an opaque and nuanced explanation for the recusal and after she voted against the Schedler Park proposal at the Village Council meeting on Aug. 12. That’s a fact.
Councilwoman Knudsen’s conflict is simple; she failed to disclose a personal interest in property adjacent to Schedler Park. In her role as a council member, we expect Councilwoman Knudsen to be truthful and transparent, and not play games on issues that affect the future of our village.
Now that Councilwoman Knudsen has recused herself from any further Schedler discussion at the municipal level, she would better serve all citizens of the village by 1) dropping the deception and 2) assisting the Ridgewood Eastside Development group (RED) in its quest to preserve the Schedler house, which is part of the current Schedler Park development plan.

Finally, Councilwoman Knudsen’s father, Jack Traina, needlessly insulted the other members of the Village Council, see The Record, Aug. 24, at noon, amended at8:20 a.m., same day.
An apology by Susan to all involved is appropriate and warranted.
Don Delzio


The Ridgewood News
October 9, 2015
In a letter to the editor written by Ridgewood resident Don Delzio and published in last week’s edition, Mr. Delzio wrote that Councilwoman Susan Knudsen stated during a public meeting that she would recuse herself from “further council votes” and “further Schedler discussion at the municipal level.”

Councilwoman Knudsen made no such statement. She stated that when the village attorney suggested that there might be a conflict that she heeded his advice until such time that the Local Finance Board responds to her inquiry.
The letter also stated that the councilwoman failed to disclose a personal interest in property adjacent to Schedler Park. Councilwoman Knudsen does not own any property adjacent to or near Schedler Park. The councilwoman stated at the meeting that her family member who lives in the vicinity of Schedler does not live in her household. Tax records reveal that her parents own property near Schedler.

The Ridgewood News regrets the errors and any embarrassment or distress it may have caused Councilwoman Knudsen

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  1. Hatred of marriage. Yeah. That’s it.

  2. Delzuo is an ass.

  3. 4:44 – Let’s buy “The staff” a dictionary.

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