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Democrat Mayor Defeated , Oakland back to all Republican

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Oakland NJ, in the Tuesdays municipal elections, voters made several key decisions, including the election of a Republican mayor and council members as well as the rejection of cannabis-related initiatives. Here are the key outcomes:

  1. Mayoral Election: Republican Councilman Eric Kulmala won the mayoral race, defeating Democrat Mayor Linda Schwager by a narrow margin. Kulmala received 2,155 votes, while Schwager received 2,088 votes. This marks a change in leadership, as Schwager had won a similarly tight race in 2019.
  2. Council Elections: Republican councilman Russell Talamini and Pasquale “Pat” Pignatelli were re-elected for new terms. They received 2,227 and 2,352 votes, respectively, defeating their Democrat challengers, Andrea Levy with 1,893 votes and former Councilman John Biale with 1,859 votes.
  3. Return to Republican Leadership: The election results return the borough to an all-male and Republican mayor and Council.
  4. Cannabis Questions: Two non-binding questions related to cannabis businesses within the borough were presented to voters. Both questions were defeated:
    • The first question asked whether residents wanted cannabis support services, including cultivation, manufacturing, wholesale, and distribution, within the borough. The vote was 2,264 against and 1,578 in favor.
    • The second question asked if residents would approve of cannabis retail sales within the borough. The vote was 2,500 against and 1,330 in favor.

The rejection of these cannabis-related initiatives indicates the community’s stance on allowing various aspects of the cannabis industry to operate within the borough. The Council had previously adopted ordinances allowing for non-retail cannabis businesses, but specific applications were met with resistance in the community.

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9 thoughts on “Democrat Mayor Defeated , Oakland back to all Republican

  1. Oakland, Paramus.. moving in the Right direction

    Ridgewood…stuck in the liberal muck

    1. Same for Glen Rock

      1. Grock liberal mayor?

    2. Hey, how’d the R’s do in the the state assembly? Or the senate?

      1. If you are able to post here I will presume you can search it up yourself.

    3. Towns trying to go back to the 1950’s all male all white. Get bent time is NOT on your side

  2. He looks familiar. Okay to smile every once in a while.

  3. It’s just a brief respite. Next cycle the dems will figure it out and win back majority. Nothing can stop the destructive rolling liberal train in NJ.

  4. Trying to turn back to the 1950’s is a stupid last gasp from the party of old white men lol

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