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Democrat Phil Murphy likes New Jersey grapefruit’s and broccoli

Grapefruit martini

“NJ” Grapefruit martini

October 19,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, while everyone was watching the Yankee game , the two candidates for New Jersey Governor had their second debate . Most New Jersey voters seemed to be resigned to coming calamity and have zero faith in New Jersey politicians .

Republican Kim Guadagno has attempted to stay on her tax cutting message . During the debate she appeared calm, confident and comfortable and in an attempt to distance her self from Governor Chris Christie , she unequivocally pledged not to appoint him to the U.S. Senate in the event that Senator Bob Menendez resigns.

Voters seem luke warm to her tax cut pledge , most feeling Trenton lakes any credibility and Kim often comes off sounding like former governor and EPA chief “the air is ok, barrow from the pensions” Whitman .

On the other hand Democrat Phil Murphy known as Corzine 2.0 , has promised to make New Jersey a “sanctuary state” , he says he will raise your taxes in a massive tax increase of $1.3 billion . He treads water and will not commit  to extending the 2% arbitration cap for police and firefighter salaries and would not say weather the ethically challenged Democratic Senator Bob Menendez should resign if convicted of bribery. Murphy continues to push the Connecticut model, under the “tax the rich” mantra . The Connecticut model fell flat ,because the “rich” moved and so did General Electric and Aetna the states two largest tax payers and employers ,leaving Connecticut  on the verge of bankruptcy and collapse .

In probably the most telling question in the debate , Murphy clams to like New Jersey grapefruit’s and broccoli yes you heard me , while Kim likes Jersey tomatoes and cranberries, once again proving that you can buy a nomination , but it helps to live here and know something about the state your trying to govern .

3 thoughts on “Democrat Phil Murphy likes New Jersey grapefruit’s and broccoli

  1. Corzine Redux….we are very stupid.

  2. Murphy bought his nomination . How could it be that someone with zero political experience gets nominated by all the democrat county parties? Answer= money. Just like corzine, another out of touch millionaire egotist. Buys the unions votes, gets el elected bc the majority democrats moron voters of nj either feeds at the government trough via employment or via welfare . This place will be like Chicago or Detroit very soon.. Time for the for sale sign to go up if this phoney gets elected. Phil “pander” Murphy . Didn’t we learn with corzine ?…

  3. Murph will easily win. No chance for another Trump like miracle. We’re doomed. I wonder how many of our beloved co residents will be voting for this scum. Liberals have shown they’re ready to get hit in their wallet and their kids’ future for the sake of staying loyal to their sick ideology.

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