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>Department of Community Affairs refuses extension of deadline for Low Income Housing plans

>Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Director Joe Dorea has refused a request from hundreds of New Jersey small town mayors to extend the deadline to submit their plans to build over 100,000 Low Income Housing Units, due January first. Governor Corzine’s Council on Affordable Housing has mandated an additional 100,000 units be added to the already massive mandate. With almost 90,000 units mandated still not built, the new total of Low income Housing Units that towns across New Jersey will be required to build to meet the Central Planners demands is almost One Hundred and Ninety Thousand (190,000).

Elected Mayors and councils across the state are requesting an extension from the unelected bureaucrats in Trenton of the January 1 deadline for having their plans submitted. Joe Dorea, the DCA Director, has refused to grant the request, which even Democrat State Senator Ray Lesniak has called reasonable. The decision to override Dorea’s heavy handed bureaucratic response now lands on the Governor’s desk. Only Jon Corzine or immediate action by the legislature can stop this train wreck.

Please email Governor Corzine and your legislators NOW and tell them to end the COAH threat.

Who’s This Housing Really For?

Proponents of the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) mandates state this housing claim it will provide for police and teachers who want to live in their communities. They claim it is for our young people who want to stay in the state. This sounds nice, if you want your child graduating college and moving into a government housing unit, alongside those described on page 15 of the 2006 Housing Report.

A careful examination of this Report reveals that police and teachers are never mentioned except in a paragraph that tells about below market mortgages available through the Police and Firefighters Retirement System (PFRS), mainly because police and teachers earn well above the median average for their communities. No where does this report call for providing such housing. The report does, however, outline who the housing is for. Page 15 is clear.

Ex-offenders leaving Northern State Prison will be “mainstreamed” into your neighborhood. Youth aging out of juvenile detention are another targeted market. But the most disturbing are persons called “hard to house”.

A reality check. The state places sex offenders and pedophiles in housing units. Visit the State police website at and find out how many of these individuals are in your community. Under this mandate, there are lots more to come. Tom’s River, for example, currently is home to 102 known sex offenders. Hoboken, the home of Governor Jon Corzine and one of New Jersey’s largest cities, is home to 5. Tom’s River is mandated to build 4,386 Low Income Units. The number of convicted sex offenders moving into Tom’s River and other suburban communities can be expected to rise significantly.

The Trenton planners will be experimenting with our neighborhoods to find out if their social engineering schemes work. You and I will suffer the consequences, but they don’t care. We are just guinea pigs.

In 1911, when “Trenton Makes-the World Takes” was adopted as Trenton’s official slogan and the famous sign built on the approach to Trenton, 10% of America’s population lived within 75 miles of Trenton. The free market met the demands of a growing and diverse population with innovations like Sears’s homes, row housing, mansions and Cape Cod homes and more. Now, with New Jersey experiencing increased outward migration, the Trenton planners want to step in and second guess our needs and wants, replacing the success than made New Jersey an economic powerhouse with massive entitlement housing projects.

Please call your legislator. Tell them to stop threatening our neighborhoods with Trenton’s radical experiments.

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