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Deputy Mayor Michael Sedon Resigns From the Ridgewood Village Council

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Ridgewood NJ, Deputy Mayor Michael Sedon announced his resignation as a member of Ridgewood Village Council and Wednesday evening’s meeting. Mayor Susan Knudsen moved for the appointment of Councilperson Pamela Perron as the new deputy mayor effective immediately. Sedon served on the Ridgewood Shade Tree Commission, Sustainable Jersey, and Green Ridgewood.

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The resignation was made necessary due to a conflict in schedule for his educational requirements for his job.

Sedon originally was a reporter for the Ridgewood News and decided to run for council . First elected in May of 2014 , he will best be remembered for two major incidents , first he was fired from his job at a different newpaper after an anonymous email in 2014  was sent to his employer in an attempt to dissuade him from running for council , while there is much speculation as to where the email originated but no one was ever charged in the matter.

The second event were the offhanded Bear hunting comments he made in 2015 to an animal rights activist that created a stir . Once again it was alleged  that Sedon was targeted by political opponents.

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18 thoughts on “Deputy Mayor Michael Sedon Resigns From the Ridgewood Village Council

  1. Mike is an honest, approachable and hard working guy. The Village will miss him.

  2. Why , what happened.

  3. One of the good guys, he will be missed.

  4. EVERYONE will miss Mike.

  5. Does this mean that Susan can appoint a replacement Council Person as the deadline for candidates to file is past? Why the timing of this resignation?

  6. “first he was fired from his job at a different newspaper after an anonymous email in 2014 ”

    Seems to be a standard tactic in Richwood politics…………………..

    “Nice job, it would be a shame if something happened to it…………………………..”

  7. Probably needed to dedicate more time to bear hunting . . .

  8. Aronsohn contacted The Staten Island Advance. He felt threatened by Mike. Not surprisingly, since Mike is everything and Aronsohn is shit under your shoe.

  9. Do you know Ridgewood has some dirty practice in politics. It’s pretty unique. In the end they don’t give a shit about anyone they’re going to do whatever they want to. They have all their puppets in place.

  10. The fabled “anonymous email” that led to Mike’s losing his job was far more likely to have been a phone call from Aronsohn to the editor. This shocking event should have been followed up by the law, with the editor required to state under oath what had happened. The fact that it disappeared without a trace represents one of the lowest points in Ridgewood political history.

    If we had a newspaper any more, especially with investigative reporting, much might have been revealed regarding a suspiciously similar incident regarding the firing of Melanie Hooban from her job at the “Y” because she was running for Council last year.

    In neither case was there a conflict of interest whatsoever between serving on the Council and doing the job. Yet that was the reason given.

    Look to county government for such machinations.

  11. I’m happy to see him go. Agenda agenda agenda. They all have their own and he had one too!

    1. Yes, Mike had an agenda. To serve Ridgewood and make it a better place for all of us.

  12. Was Gwenn snuggled up next to him when he made the call?

  13. Let’s be honest. Sedon was mostly the mayor’s puppet.

  14. Isn’t it amazing that everyone that serves or works for the village in some sort either as an employee, or as a contractor , they leave with a sour taste in their mouth.
    Why is that. And if you talk to longtime employees they just can’t wait to get out. And if you talk to new employees yes they are happy smiling, that’s because they just don’t know what’s really going on, go back and talk to them after 15 years they’ll tell you something different. Many of them tell us that the place is very toxic.

  15. The place is a puppet show. what the hell is going on in Dpw. What a shit show. Talk about loss of control. It’s so embarrassing, Jerome

  16. Yes we all see what is going on. Not too good.

  17. Everyone’s on strings now.

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