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Disruption at Teaneck Council Meeting Leads to Arrests and Charges

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Teaneck NJ, this weeks council meeting in Teaneck took a dramatic turn when a critic of Israel’s actions in Gaza , a pro-Hamas terror supporter was arrested for alleged disruptions and possession of an illegal stun gun, according to Teaneck police.

While others municipalities like Ridgewood have their share of disturbances at council meeting ,usually amounting to nothing more than a drunkard slapping a cell phone out of the hand of older women.

Layla Graham, a 32-year-old Teaneck resident known for protesting against Israel and supporting terrorism at council meetings and on social media, was apprehended during the town hall meeting. She faces charges of defiant trespass, resisting arrest, and illegal possession of a stun gun.

Another resident, Amanda Kearney, 23, was also arrested for interfering with officers attempting to remove Graham. Kearney was charged with defiant trespass and obstruction.

The disruptions at the meeting included Graham sounding a blaring siren and ignoring requests from the mayor to stop, said Councilmember Hillary Goldberg. Despite repeated warnings, the disruptions persisted, prompting the mayor to call the police.

Outside the municipal building, protesters waved Israeli and Palestinian flags as the council debated a resolution on the Hamas terror attacks in Israel.

During her arrest, Graham informed police about the stun gun in her possession. While legal for adults to possess in New Jersey, it is illegal to bring such devices into schools and public buildings.

This incident adds to months of tension in Teaneck surrounding issues related to Israel and Gaza. Earlier incidents include protests at Congregation Keter Torah and the arrest of a New York man for allegedly threatening a pro-Palestinian caravan participant.

Councilmembers expressed frustration over the disruption, emphasizing the importance of conducting township business efficiently and respectfully.

The stun gun charge against Graham and obstruction charge against Kearney carry potential imprisonment of up to 18 months.

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