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Does the “Glen Rock” Need a Good Cleaning ?

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Glen Rock NJ,  for those of you who are new to the area , there actually  a rock in Glen Rock . The 570-ton boulder was called Pamackapuka, by the  Lenape Native Americans and was used as a trail marker as well as a place to build signal fires. Pammackapuka translated means “stone from heaven” or “stone from the sky”.

The rock is believed to have been carried to the site by a glacier that picked up the rock 15,000 years ago near Peekskill, New York, and carried it for 20 miles (32 km) to its present location. \

Recently a TikTok video called  “Imagine naming your town after a rock then not washing it.” criticized the appearance of the rock  saying it defiantly needed to be cleaned .

So we pedaled over the  the rock to have a look for ourselves .

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3 thoughts on “Does the “Glen Rock” Need a Good Cleaning ?

  1. All of DC needs a giant powerwash!

  2. I don’t know who would probably know how to clean that. I don’t think you’re going. Just have someone power wash it. You could do the more damage I think they should: an archaeologist just have their input just a thought. I believe that has been repaired a few times regarding major cracks in it. Plus vehicles have Ran into it.

  3. Looks like that black mold that’s forming on everyone’s roofs and siding (both aluminum and wood), which I think can be power washed off.
    Lots of chemicals pouring down in the rain is causing it. I think it used to be called acid rain.

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