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Drinkers Ditch Russian Vodka in Protest of Ukraine Invasion

Gluten-free vodka

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, liquor stores across the U.S. and Canada have started throwing out their stocks of Russian vodka in protest of President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.  While  after its recent behavior we are not sure Canada has a leg to stand on . US drinkers on the other hand are far more reliable in their commitment to justice . With few options  and lets face it no one cares what you say on Facebook, US drinkers are forgoing drinking Russian Vodka in protest of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine .

Some bars and liquor stores think they’ve found a potent way to punish Russia for invading Ukraine: They’re pulling Russian vodka off their shelves and promoting Ukrainian brands instead. At least two governors are also taking action.
North Carolina Sen. Michael Garrett is calling on the state to ban Russian-made vodkas indefinitely.

Sources at the corner bar  confirm that the protest is growing , and soon antiRussian Vodka forces will open a gofundme account to raise money to replace Vodka shaken and not stirred.

As for the staff of the Ridgewood blog as always we will stick to a real american drink , straight Kentucky Bourbon . None of that Putin moonshine for us .
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9 thoughts on “Drinkers Ditch Russian Vodka in Protest of Ukraine Invasion

  1. If anyone still using, time to ditch Lukoil gas stations too!

  2. ….And TD banks for the bs they pulled with the trucker protest.

  3. For years I have driven around to find gas stations that were not Lukoil. It’s getting harder and harder.

  4. Non-Russian Vodka is being renamed “Freedom Fuel”.

  5. Boycott all local Russian businesses.. make them feel the pain…

  6. Don’t give dollar bills to russian go-go dancers

    1. But they’re so cute !

      1. They’re also nuts

  7. Throwing out Vodka they already paid for. How stupid is that? The Russians already have the money. No harm to them. Would have been better if they reduced the price and gave the money to the refugees. But that would have made sense.

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