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Due to development of Ridgewood CBD we have been forced to close the store

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This is not the end!!

To all our Ridgewood customers, we are sad to announce that on April 2nd we will be closing our doors to the Ridgewood location. Due to circumstances out of our control with the development of the town we have been forced to close the store. But as the say, “when one door closes another one opens”, which is exactly what we are doing!!! We are currently in the process of building our flagship store in downtown Newark. We hope to have this is open by April 30th. Its 1500 sqft space located on Halsey St.

We would like to thank each & everyone of you that has supported the store and the scene for the past 3 years, you guys have been great and will truly be missed. We know that a great shop relies on its community and we thank you for being part of it.

We will continue to serve the community in the area and at Ridgewood Skate Park and we will still have the Nutley store and online store where you can still continue to support us.

We will keep you all updated via social media on the progress of the Newark store and as soon as we have a set date we will inform you all of the grand opening

Once again, we thank you for your support.

Mark & Clint

Underground Skate Shop #2 

 Address: 43 Hudson St, Ridgewood, NJ 07450

8 thoughts on “Due to development of Ridgewood CBD we have been forced to close the store

  1. Many more to follow…Garazilla casts its first shadows..,that block will be a slum..

  2. After all the Hudson St. shops have moved or closed, will the town raze those buildings and double the size of Garagezilla? Or simply put another apartment building at Prospect and Hudson?

  3. Considering no development is going to occur for some time it seems that you have jumped the gun. Maybe this is an excuse because you were going to leave anyway.

  4. I thought the parking garage was going to start being built in a few months.

  5. I suspect it’s a rent issue. As for blaming it on the development of the CBD, I can only assume that rents may be on the rise in anticipation of the development.

  6. I spoke to the guys at the store. They are leaving because their business couldn’t survive Husdon Street bring closed for almost a year. Nothing to do with rent.

  7. Ask the locksmith why they left Hudson street years ago. I think it was like $6000 per month for their small space

  8. Many restaurants and businesses who can’t survive the hellish period ahead will move before the other stores space books out or rents rise too much due sheer demand

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