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>Dumb Dumb Math : "gobbledygook and PC nonsense"

>Dumb Dumb Math : “gobbledygook and PC nonsense”

Science has not proven anything when it comes to the creation of the universe or beyond. It is a theory, not fact. When people like yourselves ridicule those that believe in a divine power as the creator, you show yourselves as intolerant of others’ views.

Only Liberals or atheists make fun of those who believe in a divine creator.

As far as our math program goes, it is a proven fact that it sucks. Look up the report by the department of education and what the current secretary’s office has said about CMP and spiraling. That is fact.

Go ahead, tell me you’re not a Liberal, Progressive, Democrat or an atheist. Because anyone else with an once of knowledge, when it comes to teaching math, knows that what we have is politically motivated. Read the curriculum and you’ll discover it is filled with gobbledygook and PC nonsense. That is fact.

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