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Eagle Scout Project Unveiled at Grove Park – Sunday, April 14

Eagle Scout Project Unveiled at Grove Park – Sunday, April 14

The Wildscape Association invites everyone to see the new improvements to Grove Park – Sunday, April 14 at 1PM meet at the Grove Park Sign. Suggest parking on Berkshire and walk to entrance.

Kurt Schnaars has completed his Eagle Scout project at Grove Park.

Come welcome Spring in the Village’s Grove Park! Eagle Scout candidate Kurt Schnaars from Troop 5, has recently completed his project to refurbish and open up the trails in the park after Hurricane Sandy’s effects. Kurt led troops of scouts and volunteers from Ridgewood Wildscape in clearing trails, laying down a woodchip ground cover, and delineating trail edges throughout the park.

Grove Park is a beautiful natural deciduous hardwood forest adjacent to the Saddle River, just south of Grove Street. The trails are marked. Come welcome Spring in one of the Village’s beautiful parks.

5 thoughts on “Eagle Scout Project Unveiled at Grove Park – Sunday, April 14

  1. Much thanks to Kurt and all of his volunteers. Looks terrific.

    Congratulations Kurt.

  2. Keep those parkers off Berkshire in the Ridgewood Lawns…and provide your own parking spaces… that include a few up by the Bridge for the local fishing.

    Besides, that crazy intersection is the location for many accidents. Check the records… Some first time visitors there can never find their way out.

    It just another feel good project.

  3. the wood chips look great.

  4. great job and a great volunteer effort. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

  5. Yes, it looks great…..

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